June 12th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

Exciting doctors appointment news and random politics, what an interesting combination

There's a kitty who really would like to claw me right now, so I figured that it would be nice to keep up the tradition and write. You'd think that she would never have been payed attention to.

I watched most of President Reagan's three, four, five, ah I lost count, funeral services yesterday. I didn't think I would seeing as if, looking back on life retrospectively, I definitely would not, had I been older, supported his policies at all. He was a nice guy, and as a kid, that's all I remember about him. We here in the U.S. have been absolutely bombarded by coverage and tributes of the man and I and my many liberal friends just have/had it with the over coverage. But I watched it, mostly because you generally don't get to see a state funeral many times in life. So what you're watching, what I watched was something in history that you hope you'll see very little in your life time.

I didn't like some politicians politicization of the event though. George W Bush had a huge tribute to Reagan, paid for by Bush Chainey '04. And W had the audacity to insert his politics of erasing evil in the eulogy. I hope that we can find a leader that will bring together the country as Reagan did. Somehow I think this is unlikely, at least with the current administration. I'm just glad the whole thing is over so now I can watch CNN and not hear about tibutes or see coverage of this thing or other. At least George HW Can just go on; he's parachuting for the last time today for his birthday. Lets hope the country can go on that quickly as well.

On a lighter and more happy note, I also did go to the doctor yesterday too. Besides talking about fishing and the fact that when I go to Alaska this summer I must bring him back copious amounts f fish, he did say that my x-rays looked good and that I could come back in December. Translation, I've completely made it through this injury and I'm ready to take on the world with a lot more than a computer, a speakerphone, and a live journal. I suppose all I can hope and pray for now is luck, pure and utter luck, to get me through the rest of my education.
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Fiona and me in the snow

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Two entries from me in one day, what's wrong with me?
My last one, or last series must have not been extremely popular being political, so I promise, no politics today. I used to feel bad when people deleted me, still I feel pangs of "did I say something wrong" etc., but I'm to the point now where, the people who read my journal read it because they find it interesting, or want to know whats up with me. It is my journal, so though I enjoy people reading it, if anyone wants to delete me, go for it :).

Its amazingly hot out there. My dad's outside working, and I have no idea how he's doing it becase its almost like a steam bath pout there. Well, it IS a steam bath out there, no doubt about that. I think any rain we may get this evening will only worsen things rather than cool them down. Perhaps the cold front that is supposed to come through here on Sunday or something will cool us down, but only slightly. That's the story of Arkansas summers. I just hope that Fayetteville will be cooler.

My add and I did some stuff in town today. We only do the important things in town and today was definitely one of those times. We always tend to go in, we are about 15 inutes from Jacksonville, to get the three b's: booze, burgers, and books. We did all those things (got me some wine, got some tasty Wendys because I really had to have a hamburger, and picked up a book at the library). We also got fitted for tuxes for the wedding. The planning keeps getting ratcheted up to speeds and complications I never dreamed could happen, and we're still a bit over three months and several thousand dollars from the big day.

Not much else going on. I probably shouldn't have drank this hot coffee being that it is hot out there but the baileys I put in there definitely took off the edge. My days really ARE stressful, or something. I can't wait until I get to university where I actually have something to do for real.