June 23rd, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

More from the ner animal compound

Its taken me a while to get this thing to log me on. I wonder why.

I'm drinking an extremely strong mocha with too littlechocolate. I ran out of my powdered chocolate, so had to use a little bit. I think I've got the drip right with my maker so that it makes the strength coffee that I want. Granted, usually I go for tripple mochas or something like that, but I've always made really weak ones because for some reason, my water in versus coffee ratio has been a bit off, and I've been making really weak ones. This one is definitely not weak.

We still have five dogs, two horses, and a cat. And that still includes Lost Dog, or Latte as my mom has named her because she's brown. She's so sweet,and I'm very much getting attached to her. Every time I go and take Fiona out, she runs up to me and wants to be petted. So I made her an appointment at the vet, not to definitely keep her (we're still not sure if we can keep her), but just to get her checked out and have her shots done. My mom sprayed her with Top Spot spray, so hopefully soon, she'll be clean enough so she can come in for a while. I haven't really gotten to know her except for when she puts her paws on me to get attention or lays at my feet, but she seems very layed back as I've said before. Whether or not we keep her is another matter, as I won't be able to take care of her of course being at Fayetteville, but at least I can help with some of the initial vet bills and make sure she doesn't get sent to a shelter where she'll possibly get killed. I just want her to have a nice home, and if its here then so be it. My mom says it is unlike me to get attached to dogs like this, but I really like dogs, all of them. Fiona is still the best though.

Yesterday, I also had a revelation about going to Fayetteville. I have an appointment on the seventh of July at the genetics clinic. Hopefully we'll be able to set up a plan where I'll be able to take this medicine and theoretically get my calcium levels down and lower my bone density. My bo nes are too dense, so this is why I break so easily. So, my mom would have to drive to Fayetteville, pick me p, drive back, and then we'd go to the appointment (six hours for her round trip). Then she'd have to turn around and do it again and take me back. So I think we've decided that I'll go back up there after my appointment and do some chem e stuff here while I wait. That plan seems to be cool with everyone involved so that moves my comng back day to two weeks from tomorrow. Then and only then will I start to be King Of Gregson as I'll be the only student there for over a month. Maybe the network will actually wok well then since everyone and their brother won't be file sharing. And, I'll get to forgo eating crappy universityfood for a couple of weeks and still get work done. Very cool stuff.

My mom and I are going to a jewelry store tomorrow to look at this nifty braille watch tomorrow that I may get. Then we're going to go to lunch down there with one of my previous teachers (my high school vision teacher). Its always been fun to have lunch with her and talk tech stuff, and having lunch downtown is always better than sandwiches at the house. I'll update tomorrow after lunch.
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