June 26th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

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I wrote a rather long entry yesterday, and even said that I was glad that the site was back working and everything would be ok. The thing posted after three or so tries, and when I went back and checked, it was there. Later in the afternoon though, it was gone, eaten, over. Oh well.

I've been having fun playing with my new watch. Sure it just ticks away, keeping time, a biring thing to do really. Its cool though because its a braille watch. For those of you who don't know, a conventional braille watch opens up, revealing the hands and a rim of braille. Usually because you're opening the thing over and over again, and getting your hands into the clockworks, you tend to gum it up with last nights meal, or at least I do, trying to tell the time. This means a braille watch, costing about $150 or so, most likely lasts maybe three years plus or minus. When I was a kid, I remember having one that didn't even last a year. I had one talking Radiocrack, I mean Shack, watch complete with annoying allbeit female voice that took a swim by accident. It didn't work at all after the swim, kind of squawked rather than spoke after that. Since then, and since I've spent one too many blindness conventions (these huge meetings where you sit and talk about the issues of the day and try to dodge canes that are sure to trip you) listening to watches, hundreds of them at times, chime in every hour telling you and ten people around you that yes indeed, and very emphatically, it is "Eight O Clock P. M.", I talking watch was not an option. SO I've had a life cycle of successive $150 braille watches, and the life expectancy, the infant mortality of my watches is quite high. In Australia we had to take my watch in for emergency surgery once because I forgot I had it on the first time I got to try body surfing in the Pacific. Needless to say, salt water, delicate cogs, and gears do *not* mix.

So I got this new watch. It has braille markings around the rim of the watch, and has a normal looking crystal or face. The face is touch sensitive so when you want to know the time, yu just press this little button on the side of the watch and feel around the perimeter of the face. When you come upon the hands, the thing vibrates depending on which hand you're finding (hour or minute hand), and if you come upon the minute hand it vibrates a certain number of times to tell you which number of minutes it is past the major marking, say 57 minutes past versus 58. Its kind of neat, and best of all, I can swim with it (either by accident or on purpose) and unless I don't exceed 30 meters, I'm ok. I wonder what they'll come up with in the next ten years.

And that's been about the extent of my existence here lately. We still have the stray puppy + all the other animals, and its been both fun and annoying to have them all. I *really* need to do sme work today, schoolwork, and so as to not bore you with scientiic facts and figures I'lljust close ere until next time.
Fiona and me in the snow

a victory of minor proportions

Got a call from the vets office today. THey asked me for a name when I made the appointment since I've been a staunch proponent of the lost puppy. I didn't have a name for them, so was excited and almost felt vindicated when they called and told me that we had an appointment on Monday at 8:45. I'm having her shots done because even if we do give her up, the people who adopt her shouldn't have to pay for that kind of stuff. I see it as giving back. Until and if we give her up, I still get to pet and lvoe her. :)
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Mom: You know we're going to probably keep her right?
I still don't know what my dad has to say about things.

All I've done as of yet is watch Bowling for Columbine. Yes, I do live in a cave and don't get out much so as a precursor to seeing Fahrenheit 911 next week, I wanted to see this one, Very good movie. Not much else to bore you guys with. Hope its as nice where you are as it is here: cool, cloudy, and except for the whirring of the weedeater outside, quiet and peaceful.
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