July 4th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

happy 4th of July

Yep, its another 4th, and the 228th birthday of our young (relatively) country. We're all planning on going to the patriotic service at church which I hope will go ok though wonder if it'll get political, and then we'll come home and hang. My mom got king crab legs this year as we did last year, and so I'll be looking forward to spearing myself on the sharp bits all for a little bit of tasty meat. The difference between this year and last is that we dont have anyone coming over to celebrate with us so we'll probably just sit outside and watch the odd fireworks and gun blasts from our surrounding neighbors. We've had occasion to watch our neighbors shooting randomly into the air on New Years or the Fourth of July. Since we are so far out though, lots of people come out to either watch, or shoot them off, so there's usually a lot to listen to outside. I say a lot to listen to, because most of the store bought fireworks don't provide too much visually, but they do provide lots of sound, which carries quite well. So I usually also sit outside, getting bitten by random thousands of mosquitoes and just listen. Perhaps I'll find my mini disc recorder and a stereo mic and capture it, it truly is amazing. I think we've got some fireworks to blow, but as of now we haven't gone to the fireworks stand for the customary "we're only getting a few" buying spree which usually runs us $100. Oh well.

We had a very odd experience with the neighbors yesterday. We live in the middle of the country so our neighbors are spaced pretty far (about maybe 200 yards or so) apart. So we usually don't talk to our neighbors too often. Add in the gun factor (see above paragraph) and the trailor / Arkansas factor (see Simple Life I), and you'll understand why. Not that our neighbors are wrong to have trailors, or shot randomly into the air, but I'll probably never get used to it being that I came from the parched desert of Arizona. So anyway, our next door neighbors came over and said they wanted the new puppy. Being that we/were in the market for giving away the puppy we asked their story. Apparently she's been going over there to visit and they were wondering if we didn't want her then they'd love to have her. Apparently they lost their last dog due to parvo. At that point, I was thinking "warning flag" because parvo is very preventable with the normal vacceines that you should give to your animals, and its very contagious. All I remember from lectures at dog guide school was that it causes deadly diarrhoea and is carried in water. Contagious? Preventable? Hmmm. This is one of the reasons you keep up shots on your animals. Apparently from what I can tell, they didn't give the dog shots, and most likely didn't even get him/her spaid/neutered. Whose to say they wouldn't do the same with this puppy. So we said that they'd be welcome to watch her if we were away and if we kept her, and that was that. And I wonder why there's so many stray pupppies out there. There's got to be some low economic help for people who have dogs. I feel for people who lose dogs, but, why not take simple steps to take care of your animals and I'd be happier to give her to you. Oh well, can't change some people. Have fun shooting random things, I'm ready for a nap after that rant. More soon.

And oh yeah, lots of new people on my friends list so welcome to you all. I'm lucky I can read quick or I'd neve get through my friends list.
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Fiona and me in the snow


Latte, our new dog is official. She lives in the backyard with Zim, our other new dog. Kelsea says that since Latte likes to lay in Boomer's old bed, now Fiona's, which is in my room, that she must be Boomer, our old dog who was poisoned, reincarnated. She's going to be a great dog, and will definitely keep Zim under control. Now if we can just keep her from going next door, that will be a good thing. Apparently, she likes it so much because they've been not only letting her inside their house but also feeding her. I'm sure she'll learn.

Well,must go, crab's being fixed and don't want to miss it. :)
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