July 10th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

nothing's better than a free breakfast

I'm down stairs locked away in a little room off of the huge study area. I don't know why I'm locking myself away, for the fact that there are still no people down here. I think that the A.P. people have indeed gotten here, but you wouldnt know it besides the fact that all of the doors at least on the first floor are closed. They are most definitely quiet, dead, or boring teachers.

I walked outside to take Fiona out, and it was no olonger silent by any means. I don't, or I should say didn't, know when Brough, the cafeteria across the street, would be open for conferences. I decided I would go over and check out the situation, because I heard people going in. I went in, success. No one was at the front desk, so I waited there as usual. I don't know if it was a summer program who told me just to go through, but I was like, sure, freed breakfast? Why not. No one to scan my card so no card scan = no dollars = free :). So finding someone to take me through, I got free breakfast and all was good. Hardly ever do you get free breakfast at Brough, or a free meal from Brough, so I was excited Free breakfasts always taste better too so that was a bonus.

Last night, I convinced, without lots of waffling and convincing sunnyblue to go forth and get reasonable food at Chili's. I'd never had the ribs from there so I decided that I would risk getting extremely messy i the interst of eating tasty food. It was great, and we'll definitely have to do it again some time. Not only were the ribs etremely good (notwithstanding expensive), but I got an electric lemonade which was good although it made me sleepy.

Not much planned todad but trying to keep myself busy doing something. Anything. :) More soon.