July 11th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

Coming to you live from my exciting Room and the implications of Texas Holdem

I really didn't want to walk downstairs to use the internet, so against my better judgment, I decided, thankfully, to try out my connection even though housing told me that I'd have to wait till I had a contract. I guess I have a friend in computing services, becaus now, internet's working great. I wish I had tried plugging in much sooner, but its almost as big of a pain to switch cables around to hook up the network than it is go downstairs. Of course once I get my desktop working, then it won't be too hard, but that's not done yet, and won't be or a while. I don't want to ferret through a box of random computer crap. I'll do it later today, but now, no. Its just too early, and I'm in need of more coffee. Thanks to my fiend Neil, I've got a simple yet effective coffee maker from Wal Mart, so that's very good :).

Its good that I'm starting to get back some of my connections with my friends. Not only is it fun to hang out and do things with people, but it will keep my time occupied. Yesterday after heading to Wal Mart to grab me a coffee maker and Neil some makings of tasty hamburgers, we went over to one of his friend's apartment's to eat burgers and play poker. THey apparently do this qite often and I'll most definitely have to come again. We played Teas HOldem, which is somewhat of a complicated version of Seven Card Stud poker. We were all nerdy chemist types so we'd do nerdy things like stopping between hands to discuss the statistical implications of our particular hands. I asked questions about my playing style, and I think I'm well on the way to learning to play well. These guys sit in front of ESPN 2 to watch the Poker World Series, so I reckon these are the guys I should learn from, and this is the game to learn because its what the champs play. I really really wish we blind people had something as engaging as this to play, but I bet games such as this haven't been discussed because they're too hard to learn. We all put in $5 at first (the limit) and depending on what place you got, you had a chance to either recuperate your $5 (second place) or get $20 (first place). I was not second place, but due to bad luck, I was second out. All I have to say is full houses really suck when you've bet everything on a three of a kind. In Texas Holdem, three of a kind is really hard to get and a full house is even harder. Woops.

So I had a great time. Today I've not got much planned. I'm actually going to do work on statics, as I'll start working with Ameya, my statics tutor, every day from now until I get it done. Suppose I should go though so I don't bore you all more than I already have. Have reat days everyone and happy 24 to controlg. You should find a way to get sloshed somewhere with Raymond. Happy 8th Birthday to Fiona, my guide dog. Me and her are planning a nice date later to ... I don't know where :).
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