July 13th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

I'm *really* feeling old, and hot

Just got back from dinner, looks as if I've gotten the official go ahead to (a) keep coming and (b) keep getting free dinners. I'm a good Chartwel's customer so ... I'm cool with that.

Before I update on my long day, I'll update on how old I feel, especially since I'm getting close to my quarter of a century. Never did I expect to meet someone, from the teacher's conference, to make me feel as old as I am. controlg might remember a girl who came to my house daily when we first moved to Arkansas. I even asked her out at one point back in eighth grade. She said no of course. So I met her again, 11 years later, a teacher, and still as friendly as ever. I was amazed that she'd grown up; she was just amazed I had a Seeing Eye dog now. I was amazed that when she mentioned her name, I instantly remembered her, even though its been years since I'd seen her. Who would have thought I'd have met Danielle, even for a moment, in this setting. Its sure great when the past comes to smack you in the ass, and gives me visions of what high school reunions might be like. :)

I groggily received a call from my friend Larry at the late hour of 8:30 asking me if I would spend a half of an hour interviewing with a masters program rehabilitation teacher. Larry is a doctoral student in that program, so he helps out with supervising, and I help him by consulting. I figure, I might be able to help improve services if I go at it from the start. So I got there, only to find out that the guy who I was supposed to interview with wasn't there. So I then agreed to go into what I call the interrogation room for the four remaining students. That entailed about 2 hours of incessant talking , which had been increased from a half hour. I had fun, though trying to come up with things to say for that amount of time was really difficult. I also had a good time though I felt sorry for the students, making them squirm by asking what fictitious services they could offer me and how I could some computer training on those things they call "screen readers? whatever they are" Very fun.

Tonight I'm going down to the desk to play cards with some of the teachers. They were scrambling last night to get a quarrem for a hearts game, so I'm going to get together my cards and have fun playing. Who says old teachers can't be any fun.

And so continues the fun of being here. I haven't gotten any word from professors so I'll continue working on them. I might be able to do some tests without any help, but it will be easier if I can get some email replies. And that's about it on a slow hot summer evening.
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