July 16th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

its really bad when ...

I'm sitting here doing my show, Celtic music saturating my being. Its amazing how it really makes me feel happy.

Sorry its taken me a while to write. YOu'd think that three days isn't too long, but my om, while visiting my brother and my nieces in Alaska called me to check on me today. The first thing she asked was "Why haven't you pdated in a while? I keep reloading and its stuck on teh 13th." Amazing that I have a journal that even the fam likes to read. So mom, and everypone else, here's your update :).

Gregson's back to crypt status again. All of the teachers checked out this morning, leaving me to fend for myself. I'll be ok, but without at least a bit of noise, I feel a bit lonely. Maybe this loneliness will convince me to do some work, I haven't been doing a huge amount of it lately. I've continued to work on statics, but that will probably continue forever, well if you count to the end of July being forever :(. I took a test in there today and was slightly confused. I just hope that when the professor who is actually directing my independent study class gives me the test, I do better than I did today. Its not like I didn't know the material, but is a bit hard sometimes to understand the diagrams, especially since they are three dimensional and inherently annoying.

I've been spending a lot of time hanging out with my friend Larry. He's not only a cool person, but being a doctoral student in rehabilitation counselling, I get an in to working with some of the students getting their masters degree. I went over there on Wednesday, and had fun talking for two hours about random things. I had free reign with the students, I could ask them any questions, make up anything. I wsn't too creative, but I had fun with one girl and asked her some questions about what rehab services they offered. I thought about being beligerent with her, as I'm sure other counsellors get people,but I had a heart and left her alone.

So today, I got convinced to meet with one of the students again for a general counselling session. The students all have practicums (practice sessions) doing counselling etc. So the plan is that I'll meet with Amy, my counsellor in training, for a total of four hours. She's really cool, she got her degree in biology with an emphasis on pre med, so she knows all kinds of stuff about medicine which I was refreshed she knew so much about what I was talking about when I talked about my bone condition. I enjoy meeting with her, and just for a break in monotony, it'll be good to meet again on Tuesday.

I also decided to volunteer to work the orientation session at the Center for Disabilities table. Our center offeres a lot of cool services so I'll look forward to at least seeing what orientation is like. I'm probably the only one in the University of Arkansas history to get out of it. Its supposedly required, though I haven't suffered from not attending.

And that's about it from here. Oh yeah, I met with an eight grade teacher who teaches earth science. I've been in a real volunteering spirit lately, so in talking to her I thought it'd be cool to meet with some of her students to talk about science, and how I've been able to enjoy science. Maybe I can convince one person to go into the field.

Suppose I should continue enjoying this music. Nothing at all planned for tomorrow or the next day, so I'm sure I'll write again when I'm sufficiently bored. Sorry for the scattered nature of this entry. I'm usually more organized than then. I suppose its all due to the coffe I've just made and drank this late, that coupled by this Gypsy Celtic music I'm listening to. More soon guys.
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Fiona and me in the snow

The Butterfly Effect, a review

I thought I would break the entry up and post about The Butterfly Effect, which I saw last night. I completely forgot about seeing it until nowm and rather than inserting my thoughts yet again into the most disorganized entry known to man, I would post it aloe.

The Butterfly Effect is a movie about a guy who, during times of stress, has blackouts. He can't remember what happens during these blackouts but its usually something really bad. When he's in college, he figures out how, by looking at a journal he's written, how he can go back to the blackouts, and change what happened in them. The premise is, what if you could change just one thing: a conversation, an event, anything. And what would happen? Well, not to give anything away, but it life's "happily ever after" stories that he tries to maufacture by changing events don't really happen. You'll have to watch the movie, though some might not like science fictiony things, its "real life" enought to make you stop and think for a while. I'm not sure I'd change the fact that I broke a leg here or there, who knows what I'd screw up in the process. What about you guys? What would you do if you could go back and change just one thing to make things better here or there.
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