July 18th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

Headaches suck, showers are awesome

Yesterday morning, I got up, and got ready to take on my saturday.  Had planned to do some work, but didn't have a real plan as to what I would do but I had planned to be productive.  Then, I got my headache, a migraine.  They really are debillitating, and though this one didn't have me throwing up continuously, I figured that after taking my injectable Imatrex, and that not working, that it was time for me to visit the ER.  Its really great to have friends, and even better when they don't kill you for waking them up :).  Knowing [Bad username: :sunnyblue"] basically lives in the evenings and night times, I hesistated to call her but when both of my other friends were travelling out of town, conveniently at the moment that I needed to get the hell to the ER, I had no choice.  It was great to have sunnyblue around, mostly so I could keep my mind off of my head and stomach.  I ended up seeing the same doctor I saw the last time Ihad this happen, and I really liked her, she didn't ask ten billion questions, just looed at my chart and said "I remember you from last time" and went to get my shot.  Apparently, some people come in every week with migraines, and the people who have migraines like mine which are cyclical and not often occurring, they remember.

I got my shot, and After picking up some tasty food at Taco Bell that I planned to eat for dinner, I came back here.  I pretty much slept straight from 4 pm to just before 7 am this morning, so I've still not gotten a chance to eat my my chicken soft tacos.  Perhaps I'll do that after writing this entry.

The place is still quiet, very quiet.  I could be living on a desert island for all I know.  So being that it's quiet and I've been feeling bored, I decided to try out the showers in the public bathrooms.  Call me crazy, I have one in my room, but I've heard that the showers here at Gregson are really nice, so I wanted to try them out.  My whoer here doesn't have a seat, doesn't have a cool shower head, and steams up my room horribly, so I went down the hall to try it out.  These showers have a seat and a massaging shower head.  Its also much larger than the one that I have, so as I do at home, I could just sit and enjoy the steam pervade me, and the warmth of the shower invade my soul.  Though its not a problem to stand, its easier, as my leg still gets tired when I stand for a while, and the seat adds a bit of insurance in case I slip.

Well, that's about it for me, I'm getting kind of hungry so am looking forward to my tacos.  Yes there's something wrong with me, I'm looking forward to Taco Bell :).  More soon.
Fiona and me in the snow

alone no more

Well, I wasn't alone forlong.  Unfortunately, this time its volleyball camp in here now and lots of young high school girls on the first and second floor.  I hope I"ll be able to sleep tonight.  Apparently 20 people are checkin in tonight, and the rest, filling both floors, are checking in tomorrow.  That's the inside news apparently from my bud at the desk, Fernando.  I feel sorry for the poor sod whose been drafted to work the desk from 4 to 8 a.m.  I asked why someone wasn't working midnight to 8 a.m. like usual, and he said that no one knew people were checking in tonight and therefore, because of the rush, no one wanted to work the full lot of time.  That job would be so freaking boring working the late shifts.  I guess you'd get to read books or something but ...  Wow.

I went to the union today and sat on the wireless network for a while while sipping mocha.  That was nice.  Then I took all the bottled up caffenated energy I'd gotten from the mocha and came back here to take a nap.  Now I'm all keyed up and don't know how I'll sleep.  Oh well, at least the head's feeling better.  I have to get up at 7 tomorrow to go to this orientation thing.  I'll make sure to bring the laptop so I can bs on the internet while I talk to prospective users of the center.  Its sad that the disability center has to have a booth at orientation, but a lot of people don't realize that they can get help for different disabilities.  So I guess I'll lie down and hope the floor doesn't break, huge bangs and bumps are above me thanks to either moving furniture or suitcases overloaded by zealous happy high school volleyballers.

"And then, when I was at band camp ..."
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