July 19th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

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I worked this morning with Larry at the orientation table for the Center For Students with Disabilities.  I didn't do much to help, but sat there and kept Larry company.  Just sitting here writing this entry and waiting for him to call me so we can go over and get some Brough.  I wonder how much money they're making from these conferences, it must be enough because they can afford the few strays like myself who come through the doors and past a nonexistent cashier.  After going there, we're heading down to Bell to drop a long overdue money order to chemical engineering, and then we're heading back here so I can get my ass kicked by statics.  I'm also planning on getting a test started for Reactor Design.  Its really stupid because the guy just wants me to describe how to do certain problems.  So its all my fault that I'm procrastinating.  Well, suppose I should stop writing here and start thinking about visions of work, its Monday, time to take on the week.