July 22nd, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

uni boringness, the annoyance of Ken Jennings, and chrhrhrhrhrhappy chrhrhrhrhrhrhappiness

I should have done more than I did today, perhaps I'll brew a pot of coffee and get to work on these exams I've gotten from my Reactor Design professor.  They won't be hard to do, but I just need to find some motivation to iinish them.  They're all in various stages of completion, and they *will* all get done by this weekend at the latest if I have to tie myself to this chair, pee in a can, and work nonstop :P.

I DID do some university stuff, which was kind of cool.  I finally hooked up with the housing people about The Northwest Quad idea.  I kind of danced around the issue that I didn't need a guided tour again :P, and they told me that they'd pass on the message and get back to me.  Its interesting that that new dorm has 20 spaces still free and they'll probably remain free since they're not honoroing new contracts.  Perhaps I'll be residing there, but I do like good old Gregson.  Sadly though, If the conference/camp participates don't destroy it this summer, the freshman surely will.  They'll most likely not physically destroy the palce but the quiet atmosphere will be all gone.

For the past year, I've been working to create a golf cart transportation department that will operate with the disability department.  We'll basically take students who can't walk or have a hard time walking, to and from classes.  I was the first to use the program, and it worked superbly.  We have this little golf cart now, one that's really smelly, and though it runs, it won't sit a wheelchair too well, which is what I'd ultimately like the program to work with as well as working with me.  I knew that golf carts had been donated to our university, but today I got the official word from our disability department person.  She asked me to be a part of the official press conference.  There, we'll get to thank the Arkansas Arthritic Association, and we'll get some cool ass press.  I haven't ever been in a press conference before, I can't wait to see how that all works :).  I've watched plenty of them, but being in one ... I've been to Australia but never been in a press conference :).

Finally, I vowed not to write about this until I couldn't take it anymore.  However, Ken Jennings really pisses me off so I really need to write about his sorriness.  Usually, I'm able to watch Jeopardy and enjoy a spirited and competitive game.  However, 41 show days ago, a great sadness descended upon Jeopardy in the form of computer programmer and software engineer, Ken Jennings.  He's made an inordinate amount of money and that's cool for him, he's really really smart.  The problem I've had is taht he's been on the show so much.  Its stopped being Jeopardy, and started being the Ken Jennings show.  He actslike he's cocky, and worst of all, he seems to be snide and overly glib about his intelligence.  It annoys me to no end, and today's continued $52000 cash increase infuriated me.  The problem is that he's so calculated and cruel, that he leaves the other contestants so far behind that they might as well not have a Final  Jeopardy.  He needs to go, and he needs to go now, or some time soon.  So at some point soon, I'm creating a community devoted to releasing our annoyance about this guy, stay tuned for details.  Its only greed and sheer rude intelligence that's earned this guy over 1.2 million dollars.

Ok I'm done now, and I feel better.  Have fun guys, entry 502 complete.  Very cool stuff, very cool indeed.  Man I've written a lot and only the dedicated ceem to be able to make it through.  Thanks to my 97 friend ofs for making this journal what it is.

Oh yeah, sad news.  I thought I was going to be alone for a while, not the case.  Another volleyball camp is checking in tomorrow.  Chrhrhrhrhrhrap.
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