July 29th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

Dude, I *am* a writer

I had my friend controlg download and install a handy tool that uses the perl language called jbackup. Its basical.ly a complicated script that uses livejournal's client calls to download your journal and all the comments that are attached to it. Basically its there so that you can download your whole journal and comments, and print them out if you want. I've heard that there are professional services that hard bound your journal if you want, but this is just as good. I need to do some search and replacing on the thing so that lniks are left intact, but its amazing how pretty the html looks from it. I did find after inputting it into MS-word, that I in fact do not have a life; either that or I'm addicted to writing. Not including this entry (it has to be imported and updated from the server), my whole journal and comments take up 605 pages of 8.5x11 paper, and has over 300000 words. That is absolutely a huge amount of crap included within these virtual pages :). Its bigger than the whole of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and I'd definitely not recommend reading it all in one go, you'd bore yourself to death I think, and I wrote it so that's saying something. My friend Larry says that I should cut the thing up and edit it sometime and publish it some day. I don't know if there's enough publishable material in it that's interesting, so I'll have to wait until I go into space or something, or do something that's more interesting than "its raining today ... my head hurts ... women are difficult ..." Of course, there are more boring books published out there I suppose. Memoirs are to be written when you get old and gray, and I'm not even close to old and gray, and though I've had an experience packed life, I need to continue packing them in before I can publish my volumes :).

I'm feeling much better today. I had enough energy to spring awake at the clanging of my telephone and run down to the Union to converse with Larry and work the CSD (Center for Students with Disabilities) orientation table. When someone asks me to come and have coffee with them, I definitely can't resist, even if its 6:30 in the morning and I've just woken up.

Its pouring outside and I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere. The last time I ventured out while it rained, I came back in an ambulance, so I'm taking it extra careful when I go out. I'll have to walk to the union later for dinner so hopefully it'll have tamed a bit before then.

We still are lacking in the internet with both IP Nexus (authentication servers) down, completely dead. So I'm back to dial up and downloading at very very slow speeds. I did go downstairs earlier and spent two hours downloading about 300 songs of different genres for my various shows. I'm sure growing a collection let me tell you and most likely will have to find more hard drie space before long s my 60 is getting quickly packed.

Suppose I should stop today's epic and get some work done while I have the energy. Anyone been watching the Democratic Convention like I have? Though mainstream television network coverage has been lacking, the ideas have been plentiful and insightful. It will be definitely be interesting to see the GOP convention next month and compare. Have fun guys, and stay warm, or cool if you're hot out there.
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Fiona and me in the snow

reassigned my ass

Note to my innocent readers. I'm cutting this because I'm filled with rage and if you're offended by rage, anger, or an occasional bad word, skip it. The readers' Digest version is that HOusing just told me that I'd indeed be living in Gregson, but on the Girls side. So basically I'll have to move down the hall for six months move all of my stuff down the hall, for nothing. Read below if you so dare, it'll be worth your while I'm sure :).
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Fiona and me in the snow

much better

Celtic ambient music is soothing me as I slip slowly into a relaxed state, the minor and major chords stroking my mental capacities, evoking creativity and quietude. The balloons wouldn't fall fast enough at the convention but that's ok, we've got a good alternative. Though things might not go right in life, though the balloons might not fall fast enough as they did at the Convention tonight, waiting and simple patience always heals and always resolves everything that's wrong. I have complete faith that this will happen with me. I have complete faith that the things that I stress about will all get better; finding someone to love and who will love me unconditionally, getting a degree and finishing all my coursework, finding a job. I think its ok to worry, its ok to keep that mind exercised with worry, but its never ok to give up hope. Remember your friends, remember what they've taught you and what they do for you. Why I go off into a contemplative diatribe I do not know, but I hope it will help me calm a bit and help me to mull over the difficulties that present themselves to me. Its all about a positive attitude, a positive outlook on things, and faith in a higher being that everything will be all right.
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