August 3rd, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

The water is cold, the quads are afar, the university's quiet, and its time for a massive update

I thought of bringing my laptop to the coffee shop for my morning jaunt into the inner parts of the campus on the quest of caffeine but I enjoy just sitting and listening to people pass by. This morning, I knew an amazing amount of peole and got to chat with some of the "regulars", and even delay some of them as they tried to escape me and head for boring class. Also had fun engaging in some grand music trading, which when presented with people who have cool music tastes, I don't pass up the opportunity to wheel and deal: its great when you give the guy at the counter a stack of cds and he gives you coffee and the promise of more music. They can block all the ports for Napster but they can't stop the innocent music for coffee black market trading :D. On the great advice of Heath, the manager of the day there, I decided to try the cona mild today, so its the second 20 oz. cup that I'm consuming as I write this entry.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I think its really funny that though I am wordy and my entries are long, people wonder when and why I'm not updating, and if I pdate and its short of without substance, I get calls wondering if I'm ok. Glad I have fans :P. So now for the update, which is surprisingly fact filled and event fortified for your reading pleasure. Because I feel it'll end up being long, I'll cut it up so I don't fill too many friends pages with unwanted drivel. Choice is good right, read or not :).

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I went over to Larry's yesterday afternoon to take a shower, and we figured that we might as well make a day out of the deal and get tasty non union food. So we went to a local Mexican food restaurant, and drank entirely strong margaritas and ate very tasty food. I scarfed down a chimichanga in like 3.5 seconds, so you know I was missin "home cookin". We had just finished a good day and gotten a lot ddone me and Larry, so we decided we would pinnacle the day off with tasty food.

And that's about all that is from here. The quest for hot shower locations continues, so hopefully this afternoon I'll be heading over to one of the dorms to use their showers. Miss Cathy, the desk worker whotaught me how to crochet and was here at Gregson when I first came to the university six years ago is working at a hall next door to us over the summer, and she is happy to help me over there so I can borrow some hot water. I'm hoping the showers won't be gross and sisgusting, but she assures me that she knows where the "safe" ones are in the building. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing but I'll leave you with that thought :).
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