August 6th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

a really good day :), just how are hot water and video cameras related

Today's been a great day. Now let's see if I can stay awake long enough to write about it all. After a very tasty, made even more tasty because it was expenseiexpensive, lunch, I really need a nap. Before I forget though, I wanted to write.

First to describe last's night's interesting forés into Skype conversations. Collapse )
Today was the first press conference I've been ever asked to attend. I enjoyed myself though I it showed me that don't know if I would be a good politician. The conference was to announce the donation fo our two new spiffy and tricked out golf carts. They were tonated by Regions Bank and the Arthritis Foundation of Arkansas. It was kind of weird at some points through the whole thing as I was talking to many people some of whom I had no idea who they were. I was like, come on guys, a name isn't very helpful here, what the hell do you do? One group of guys talked to me for like ten minutes, asking me lots of questions about the cart service and how it would work. It was only afterwords that I found out that I was talking to three Regions bank Presidents and the regional CEO, woops :). Everybody seemed to like my speech even though it was just a normal thank you speech with a few ffrills and inspirational messages. I hadn't practiced so just kind of talked off the cuff for a few minutes. Got a standing o so I suppose that's kind of cool :). Perhaps I can use this opportunity to get some money to pay for an audible signal on the street that I'll have to cross to get to campus. The golf cart project was my first project, the next thing will be the signal and I swear, it will succeed. People don't want to get in my way when I'm on a mission :P.

After the conference, we VIP's (including the sponsors) drove the carts out of the union with everyone on them, and headed over to the Quads. The Arthritis people hadn't seen them so we toured a bit and I got to show them my room, and also had the benefit of a guided tour which is always better than a tour where you're in a building where you're not supposed to be as Larry and I were when we first saw the dorm :). The guests seemed to like the Quads and I further agreed internally that this really is the place I should be. Then, we went next door and toured the new health center. Its really going to be a neat building, and will be really convenient in case I get sick with a migraine to head over there. We then went over to this really fancy restaurant we have here on campus which I found out serves not only lunch and dinner but really awesome breakfast and such. The restaurant is located in a hotel which used to be a women's dorm actually. They renovated it just last year and now its where all the distinguished big wigs taht want to come to the university stay. If I'm feeling adventurous I'll definitely have to go over there on the weekends sometime and have some kick ass hot breakfast as I found out they serve not only breakfast but brunch on the weekends. Lunch today was great though some of the things that were on their menu I had no idea actually existed being that the names for the things were almost unpronouncable. Larry and I split a calamari (which was my favorite part of the meal) and we both got these wood fired pizzas that were really tasty, but not $25 tasty. Who cared though, we weren't paying so ... Larry and I thought of getting the most expensive thing on the menu, a $300 bottle of wine, but then thought against it hehe.

All in all that would make for a splendid day only distracted by the fact that I locked my keys inside my room and had to call housing because when you live in a deserted building there's no one at the desk to get keys for you. But when Erica came to my rescue after lunch and let me in my room woops, I found out, yes, that we now have hot water. Finally. It only took them five days, but we've got it back now and I'm so so so so happy :)))))). No more taking showers at other people's houses, I took a really really long hot one here this afternoon and loved every one of the 45 minuts of it. Now all I lack is cable, and who knows how long that will take to restore. Apparently, they are outfitting the buildings in the interior of the campus with HDTV capable cable, and until then, we all have to suffer in relative silence, thank goodness again for my XM.

I'm going over to sunnyblue's house tonight to eat dinner and watch the news. It'll be really great to have a home cooked meal, and bum off of someone else's cable :). It will also be great to see her again when I'm not drugged up or in pain.

Oh yeah I found out yesterday that my flex dollars, the money that you put on your meal plan, expires tomorrow. NOt next week, but tomorrow. So today, I so bought everyone at the press conference, maybe like 15 people or so, cofee and other things. They kept saying "no, you don't have to pay, don't worry, its ok", "but I have to use my flex, what do you want." By the end of it I still had/have $20 left. Oh well :). More fun and excitement to follow :).
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