August 14th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

Phone Post:

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“Hey guys.
The saga continues. *sort of a little laugh or something* Um, I'm sitting up... better now. Whoa man... *interjection of loud, noisy, probably obnoxious and annoying kids in the background* Got some...we got some crazy dudes out there. *slight pause* Holy crap! Anyway, um, I just found out that, uh, I'm most likely gonna have to go back into surgery when they...when my doctor comes back, because *slight pause* *sigh* Ok... This is what the deal is. Before, when I broke my leg in January, or February, um, they had a plate pretty much, you know, the middle of my femur pretty much to stabilize the thing, and then, they, um, you know it was just a little break, and you know, it secured it. So for this thing, um what I *thought* they were gonna do was take the plate out, and them put, um, put a plate that went from the whole *unintelligible* of the femur, cuz basically, there's no, um, you know, it, basically with bones, there's little stress spots um, where the screw holes are for example, or, where the plate, you know, is and, right now, the, from what I understand, the plate is securing where I broke it *this* time, but, the, uh, weak spot where the femur was broken *last* time is now completely out of the plate. So it's not even supported anymore. So if I were to leave it in the way it is, um, i would most likely break it again at the same spot that I broke it, like, six months before. So, um, that, and they didn't put any *unintelligible* bone in the wholes where the screws are from this other thing, and... I'm not very happy, because I don't know why they couldn't get it done the first time, but... *slight pause* Gosh man, I just don't wanna, you know, I don't wanna break another bone um, at the same, you know, place that I broke it at before... Um, basically with a plate, when you have have a plate in, it causes what are called stress risers. What those stress rises are are, um, stress points so, that, the bone won't break at the plate, but as it did with the last one, it broke above it, or it could break below it. So, um, what it did *this* time is break above it, so they fixed that, and now there's no plate, *slight chuckle*, below where I had it before, anthere excuse was: "Well, we didn't have the right hardware, so we just, we
just decided to put it, you know, fix it the way it is now, so, uh, yeah.
We can't, we can't fix something if we don't have the right hardware."
*sigh* So, Giminey Christmas! **longer pause* Least I'm feelin' a little
bit better, and I can kind of shut up for the moment, but, um, I'm, I'm, I'm
ready for the, uh, for the big smack down when, when there's, when my doctor
comes back, I'm tellin' ya on Tuesday. Hopefully he comes back on Tuesday,
cuz I wanna, I wanna see it, man. *interjection from a side conversation or
something* I'm, I'm doing a Livejournal thinggy, post. I'm bitching to, to
my, millions of fans, um, and so yes, yes, this, you know, I, I would, I
would love to see this, this yelling fest that will, I'm sure will ensue.
And I *really* don't wanna go back into surgery again, but if it's gonna
make me safer, and if it's gonna make it...stronger, I'm all for it, even
though it'll be painful, little laugh*, I really am, but maybe it won't be,
maybe I'm just, talking out my ass, I dunno. *slight pause* So, um,
anyway, just wanted to update everybody, um, I think this is phone post #6
in a row, so I hope you guys are able to listen to 'em. Um...hope
everybody's doing good, um, currently the weather's nice outside, so, that
is a good thing, and um, I'm glad I don't live in Florida. *slight pause*
Allrighty guys, more soon.”

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