September 6th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

labor day

Its interesting that today is Labor Day. Sure I got up late, about 11, and sure I went to lunch, today has been the first day I made it down tehre by myself wthout making a wrong turn, but today's definitely not going to be a day to sit idle. I've spent much of the passt hour or so talking t people eager to get new Skype scripts. Its true having them really is a nice thing, and I do take that for granted, but some people really lack patience.

After I get done writing this quick entry, I'm going to hit the virtual books and read more math and try to practice some problems, the ones that were actually due on Friday. I'm not sure if I'll actually be able to do them; I know I'll at least be able to start them, but I do know that something needs to be done academically, and today's the only day that I'll be able to get that done. Tomorrow, I'm going to get some laundry done. At least I'm busy doing things, its much more fun being busy than it is being idle in my opinion.

So I'm sitting here drinking my last cup of Irish Breakfast, note to self, must get more black tea, and writing in this thing. Its funny how I use this journal as somewhat of a procrastination tool. Its different though because I actually *really* want to keep this thing updated so the fans don't get restless or worried, ne of the two.

Its supposedly a cloudyish day, but due to the fact that the dining hall is downstairs, I haven't been out in the elements since Saturday. Suppose at some point I shall open a window and get my daily dose of vitamin D via sunlight. I so wish I could go outside and sit, and though I know I could do this, it would be a bit difficult to do in my current state. Its a thought though. The overriding thought is of doing work so off goes the headphones and to the braille display my fingers will go. More soon. Hope everyone is well.
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