September 11th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow


This day will also be remembered in teh last fifteen minutes of it that is, as the day that the Razorbacks had one too many turnovers and lost to Texas, by two points, 22 to 20, the margin of a safety due to one of several turnovers or fumbles. That turnover happened 15 yards from sweet six points which would have launched Arkansas to victory but it wasn't to be. I'm almost We'll never play Texas again. Luckily on the drive across to Arizona it only takes three hours to get across the state's panhandle. Oh well, maybe next week, maybe next week. Today, with the anniversary of 9/11/2991 just became even more melancholy. I didn't even really accomplish much today. Luckily sports is like life, there will almost always be another day to live, and in sports, there will always be another game, another fumble, another obstacle, and even another or a completed victory pass.
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