September 16th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

talk about a rewind button

I am so glad I didn't write yesterday as I'd probably scare all of you off with pure unadulterated rage and emotion. All is well now, but yesterday was definitely not a fun day.

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I've been trying to figure out things to break my stresses up and make life more manageable, so I was really excited when my sister called to tell me that she was going to be in town to visit friends and would I like to go to dinner with her or something. Not only did I get some tasty dinner (and an extra meal for lunch today I might add), but I'm a lot stronger muscularly because of it. The parking lots behind the Quads are a bit of a walk, and I ended up doing that walk four times while my sister's been here. She told my Mom that I was getting "buff" now, and I might agree, my arms at least. I suppose doing 90 point reps, at least about 400 a day will do tha to you. We ended up going to The Taste of Thai, and I got yellow curry to eat there and gren curry to go, And it was oh so tasty for sure.

Tonight's poker night at Larry's, and I'm sure that'll give me some escape from reality for a while. That and bitching about university issues will definitely be good. Suppose I should go though, make lunch though its early, and get ready to continue studying. Hope everyone's cool, calm, and collected.
I hope my day today will be better than the last three, wow!