October 14th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

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Its been a week since I've written and as its been a week, there's not been much worth totally writing. Sure, tehre's been stuff to write about, but I just haven't felt like writing. So in writing this, I hope I can not only update this journal, but convince myself that I need to do work before playing poker later this evening.

I've been reading a lot, that's no surprise there. I'm now up to reading the fourth book fo the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I've done what I hoped I would be able to do, study, while providing myself with some solace and relaxation in front of my new MP3 player (good for reading in the dining hall while eating).

Last week's poker tournament went off withoout much of a hitch. I even stayed in the game for a while, ending up in the top 50, Larry was Lucky Larry, as he cleared table after table and amassed lots and lots of chips. He's been busy all week playing his XBox which was the prize for winning the whole tournament. I hope I can beat him tonight, but somehow I doubt it. I was just amazed that he was able to win, and everone was amazed that I brought him.

I went home last weekend to see my Grandma off. RIchard, my roommate, was going back to be in a wedding (sounds familiar?), so I rode with him. IT was mostly an uneventful with much relaxation going on :). I was sorry that I couldn't be there for the whole time that she was there, she ended up staying at our house for two weeks, but I'm sure I'll see her soon. She continues to be her old self, offering to do all the time. SHe appear to be a bit more sad and lonely now since my Grandpa's gone, but at least *that* part of her personality and being she's powerless to shake. It was good to be able to go home without having to deal with wedding planning and wedding execution, even if a good game of cornhole might be in the works somewhere in the midst of all that madness. I also got to see Fiona and she enjoyed hanging with me and sleepign on my bed.

While home, I finally decided on, and bought, a new mp3 player which I've now figured out pretty much how to use. Its pretty accessible, enough so that I'm able to navigate, pretty much, through the files that are on there. Its a 20gb hard drive model which will allow me to put lots of cool books, radio plays, and music on there without endangering filling it up too fast. Its been quite cool to have, quite cool indeed. Its kind of like a cel phone, for ages I thought I would never get one. THe same was teh case for an mp3 player. I never thought I would get one but ... you know the story.

I'll be going home again this weekend, mostly because I have a doctors appointment to go to, my genetics appointment. I'm not really looking forward to the trip to and from Little Rock, but ithas to be done, because if I can do *anything* to strengthen my bones, I'll do it. Both my Mom and Dad are going to come up here so they'll get to see my room for the first time, so that'll be cool.

TOday before I go to play poker with Larry I *have* to figure out how to solve differential equations using power series. Sounds hard eh? It is :(, bloody hard. There's poker at the end of the rainbow though, and maybe some tasty dinner somewhere as well. I bought dinner for us last week so Larry owes me dinner tonight, especially since I indirectly got him hooked up with a free XBox.

Anotehr earthshattering event. I actually helped people yesterday. I've been helping people more in an increasing frequency as of yet, mostly because we now have a huge sign on an easel so now people know we actually exist. SO while listening to George blabber his head off and stammer his way through the debate, I talked simple mathematics (adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers), and talking organic chemistry. These things sure clashed with the debate but somehow I was able to make some sense of it. Thank goodness my mp3 player's got a record feature. I'll listen to the debate in full later and will be able to make my own impressions rather than get spun by the pundets and media.

I've left a lot of "meaningles" stuff out for brevity and because of political correctness/fear for my life if I reveal just exactly what happened this week. Hahaha, just kidding. I din't feel like writing ten pages today so I've achieved my quest. If there's anything totally new, I'll post it, but until then, I'm going to yawn/nap. wait a minute, I was going to work. Oh yeah. Crap. I hate a conscience. Pardon my spelling mistakes.
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