November 12th, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

since last I left you ... Many changes, moving forward always

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A lot has been going on this week and I'm rushing ever closer to my graduation. Apparently, my advisor says he'll be able to finish all of the paperwork that is necessary to get my diploma. All I have to do, and it really sounds easy, is finish the two incomplete classes I have left from years previous, and get good passing grades on my classes for this semester. This looks considerably better than it did last week, as my list of incomplete classes was four, back then. I finished physics, a class I've been putting off finishing for several semesters mostly because of injury, and process control. So, just like that, seven hours of f have turned to a's, and my grade point is skyrocketing. Very cool stuff indeed, I think. I hope my opinion doesn't change this December when I graduate with my BS degree and start on my MS. Its just amazing how far I've actually come in these six painfully happy and challenging years I've had.

I met with Hop Boyd from Process Engineering and Associates the company I hope to intern with next semester. I appreciated the time he spent with me, and his candid nature toward me. HE expects me to work and be productive, and he really is happy that hopefully I'll "make the company lots of money" with what I'm doing. The thing that both scared me and amazed me was that he talked about how he isn't hiring me because I'm blind or because I'm a novelty, but because he believes I'll be able to really help him and his company out. I hope I don't let him and myself down, becuase I've always thought and I still believe that I can do anything. The issue with chemical engineering is that its generally not fully accessible to blind people, hence the fact that I'm one of the few people crazy enough to try it. But my job will be designing a simulation, a computer representation, of an oil refinery. You have no idea how many different pieces there are in those things, coupled with how long it will take me to design it. Suffice it to say, right now, I'm quite daunted by my new possible job prospects, and by life in general and what its got to offer me. Peraps I should leave it up to Faith, God, and Ka :). I know all will sort itself out sooner or later.

I didn't end up getting an MRI done on Tuesday. Apparently I wasn't pre certified by my insurance, so it is scheduled for this coming Tuesday and hopefully I'll get it done. My face, though its not uncomfortable is still slightly numb, and though I bet it will wort itself out in time, I want to make sure that there's not something more serious wrong. I doubt that is the case.

Tonight is Divali (sp) Eve, one of the biggest holidays in the HIndu culture and religion. So tonight, I'm going to hang with my INdian friends and play this card game they're playing. THey say they're playing all night but I doubt I'll make it that far. I'm just intrigued by new cultures, and most importantly new games. I'm sure I'll be able to describe the game after I've played it. All I care is that I have fun, and knowing those guys, I know I will. The Indians I've met here at the university never cease to amaze me with their open hearts and minds.

And with that, I probably should go so I can get ready t go have some fun. I've dne a spot check for spelling but I appologize if there are any blaring mistakes.

Ohyeah, everyone that saw the article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette seemed to think it was a good article and the picture was "pimpin" accoding to sunnyblue Perhaps I'll try to get permission to post it here. I haven't had the time to search for the article on the web, so I haven't read it myself. OH well ... That's about all from here. More soon, after we beat Ole Miss tomorrow, at least I hope they beat Ole Miss. All won't be lost if they lose, again, though.
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