December 21st, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

long awaited and long advanced finish

What was up with that subject. I think I've become rusty as it comes to journal writing in the past month. Jean, who is one of myavid readers/worriers, called me yesterday and asked me if I I was too in love to write. I don't know about the love thing, what is true love anyway and how long does it take t fall in love (another possible entry topic for sre), but I've sure been busy. I've been doing lots of stuff, but have either had no time to write, or after doing all the things I had to do on a particular day, I didn't have energy or the drive to write. So now, your update from me. Hope you enjoy it.

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I know I've left some things out, one of which is the tour I had of the Clearchannel studios. I probably should get some lunch soon though, so I'll write about that in the next update, which will be soon for a change. I can't want to start reading ournals again. These one month stretches of non updates are sure for the birds, and I'm definitely not a bird.
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