December 31st, 2004

Fiona and me in the snow

The piano and the Bonfire

Its been three days since I've written in this thing. I made no mention of the bon fire, or my journal's two year birthday. So today I get to play catch up. I also have fun news, so let's get started. Don't mind the subject, you'll understand as you get further down.

We ended up having lots of fun with the bon fire. I don't think it was as big as the fire of 99, the one we lit on New Years' Eve before 2000, but it was big anyway. There was much drinking and merrymaking, and confirmations all around that yes, we all (a) live in the south, and (b) we are more redneck than anything else. We all drove out to the place where it was set up, and when we got out here, I asked if we'd brought anything to drink, I was told I was crazy, then handed a beer. What's a bon fire without lots of beer? The only questionable thing that happened was the fact that they brought out a bottle of wine, correction a communal bottle of wine. Oh darn, they forgot glasses, so very few of us passed it around and took random harmless nips off of it throughout the night. I was not included in this grossness. Needless to say, all of us who could drink were either buzzed or slightly sloshed. I was in the former category. Everyone had a fun time. We even shot off some fireworks we'd had left over from last year. Unfortunately, my dad threw the mortar tube away, so he had to use a post hole digger (a hollow steel tube); we live on the edge here at my house.  To sunnyblue, my Dad even had some black cats left over and he threw them on the fire too, so no changes there My Dad's still as crazy as ever. Moving on to more joyous and interesting thigs than guzzling alcohol and being dangerous.

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And today is New Years Eve. A day of reflection for some, a day where I realize how much I've grown as the years move on. We just got back from going to a coffee shop to hang out with dlambert and controlg and as expected, we had a great time eating and conversing. We talked about Denna's job, Chris's never ending Job search, and we even found time to play with Denna's Packmate and most importantly, Chris's new color recognizer which we all had fun with. The color recognizer's job is to tell us poor blind dudes, in a very sexy woman's voice I might add, what color something is.

After getting back from Sufficient Grounds, we went to the Australian store here close to where I live. I had fun talking with the owners about Australian things, and I even bought some meat pies. I can't really describe meat pies (hamburger meat and gravy on a pastry, maybe???), but all I can say is, What are you Americans missing?

My friend Neil is planning on coming over this evening to hang out for New Years. Since we have already done most of what we usually do on New Years (fireworks etc.), we're probably just going to hang and attempt to stay awake. I'm already kind of tired, I don't know if this will happen but who knows.

And that probably should end this long entry. Aren't you boring people who don't want to read my ramblings glad I cut it up for ya :). All the best and have a Happy New Year!!!!
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