January 1st, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

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Not much huge to report today, but I wanted to write just to keep things updating for every ady. Who knows how long it will last. I'm kind of tired so forgive me.

The start of 2005 has been much better than the end of 2004. In the middle of watching a basketball game, I relized that I'd forgotten to start my show on ACB Radio Interactive. I'm not too co ncerned, but it annoyed me because I had to scramble around trying to get the new sound box working. I'd never used it to do my show before. It all turned out well. Neil showed up, and we hung out, watched tv, and drank margaritas. It was a pretty low key night except for the fact that several of my friends called to wish me Happy New Years. Liz seemed to enjoy it even if</b it was a bit boring and even though I fell asleep on the floor halfway through the evening. I didn't miss midnight though so that's the most importat thing, that I actually woke up way before time. Today we haven't been doing too much but sitting around, watching the Rose Parade, and various bowl games. I missed the end and before I rrote the Texas won, I wanted to make sure I was correct. Unfortunately, in a last second point-after attempt, Texas won. Hookem horns???? :( *sticks out tongue). Perhaps next year Arkansas will be good and Texas will lose more. At least there's college basketball to watch. We ate purple hull peas today for good luck. I remember last year writing about this and why its actually a lucky thing to do, so we actually did it today. I also continue to learn lots about Liz. Apparently, she hates eating salad. Apparently, when she was a kid, she ate it and hated it and hasn't eaten it since. I tried to convince her to have some but no go. She'l regret telling us that tasty tidbit because she'll never live it down in this family. We also watched on HBO fifty-first dates. I thought it was going to be annoying as some Adam Sandler movies are, but it was actually funny and I daresay (and cringe saying it) cute. Amazing idea for a story. Tomorrow we're planning on going into Little Rock to the River Market District. One of my old teachers wants to meet Liz, and we want to, weather permitting, ride the new Rive Rail, a street car downtown I'm sure it'll be fun and neat. Well, I probably should end it as my earlier saying that this thing would be short has been shot all to hell. Hope everyone's New Year was great. More soon.