January 4th, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

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Well, Liz left yesterday early and since then, I haven't been doing too much but playing my piano, finding little things to get fixed on it, and scanning. Fun life eh? Not really.

Liz left early. We all got up at 7, left for the airport at 8:15 and made it there and hour before her flight. My Mom and I were able to get concourse passes and walk Liz to the gate. It was raining here but she made it to Delaware safely in the evening.

I got my piano yesterday afternoon and I've been messing with it ever since. I was really worried about was how they were planning on getting a huge 500 pound piano up steps, through a door, and on top of all of that, in the poaring rain. They managed it by dropping down a portable ramp for our steps, and with the piano covered, they just brought it in nnd put it on the wall where our old digital used to be. I still have the digital there, but I'm waiting to figure out where its gong to go, so right next to the new piano, we still have the old digital there.

It sounds really good, almost as good as it sounded in the piano store, but I noticed after they left that one of the keys had this terrible clicking noise. Whenever you pressed it, it clicked. So, I called the piano people and they said that they'd have a piano technician out today. He came early, tok it apart, and cleaned onder the key in question. Apparently, while moving, some of the splinters that are naturally on the wooden keys, got trapped under the key. It took him like two minutes to take the piano apart and clean out the "trash", and all was fixed. All seems to be good except for a little bet of a sticky lowest key, but that one I'm not too concerned with it. They say that they'll come out again, but I don't know if I want to worry them about it at this point. You hardly ever play the lower most note in any pieces, but I tend to be a perfectionest, so that's why I'm slightly concerned, plus, since the thing's brand new, it should be pretty close to perfect acting. Bottom line, I love it, its totally cool :).

I did a bit of scanning today, finishing the last of the books I had to turn back in. I had done a bit of scanning when Liz was here while watching some Twilight Zone, but lost all of that data, so I had to rescan everything that I'd done, so I was glad I'd finally finished that 600 page book.

With Liz gone, and now that we're back to having just two dogs, things are really quiet. All that I've been doing in the evenings lately has been watching college football. Last night, Auburn won, my choice. Here's hoping that the right team, Oklahoma, wins tonight :P. I really like having company for holidays, and miss having Liz here, but its almost a good thing to have quiet. I know that Gabby the cat sure appreciates having the run of the house again. I appreciate not having to eat turkey all the time.

And that's about all from here. More when I've had it.

O yeah, I made my donation for tsunami relief to UNICEF to help the children who need helping there. I'm sure it will be used well. Please do your part to any organization if you can.
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