January 13th, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

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Not much has been going on. Right now, I'm oing my usual, drinking coffee. My coffee drinking rituals are happening later than usual, only because I slept in this morning because I stayed up late playing Star Conquest. Its basically a game where you go around space killing things and making money. A fun game, but one that takes up entirely too much time. ONce grad school starts, I'll only be playing this/doing other non school things when I need to unwind Must not get addicted to it. Gladly, I can say that the computer game giant hasn't gotten me yet.

I also talked to a blind chemist I've known about for ages and never talked to. He's in Alpha Chi Sigma (chemistry fraternity) with me, and he'd heard of me as well, but never talked with me. We're doing similar projects as far as making chemistry more accessible to blind people, so it's good to have people to talk to about chemistry. I haven't written the guy back who was blinded befre finishing his chemical engineering degree, and I plan to do that today. He's got a lot of advantage on me though as far as engineering goes as he can see some (he can see the screen and also see enough to get around in a plant), so though we have similar issues and challenges, he's very lucky he didn't lose all of his vision. I'm starting to realize how cool (and dorky) it is to collaborate with people in the academic arena. Hey, maybe I'll chage the world somehow with my nerdiness.

Speaking of academics and nerdiness. I'm heading back to Fayetteville on probably saturday. I'm not looking forward it too much, mostly because I won't be able to play with my piano, and the new player I'm putting on it at some poitn soon. Perhaps I'll have to come home more often and play it since I'll have long weekends.

Well, I can't think about anything more exciting to write about today for fear fo bbing boring for much longer, so I'll close. More soon.