January 22nd, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

on the abolition of subjects

Yeah yeah I know, my subject has nothing whatsoever to do with my entry. Well, as far as you can tell, it *could* but I assure you, it definitely doesn't ahve *anything* to do with the vast majority fo this post so you'll have to deal. Perhaps I should write an essay on "the abolition of the subject line in Live Journal posts", publish it, and make millions, but not tonight.

I swear, the weather doesn't really want to make up its mind. Two days ago it was sixty degrees outside and my roommates had turned on the AC (again), now it's 23 degrees outside and its not even 8 pm. It's supposed to reach 12, and only climb to 35 tomorrow. Brrrrr. Of course those who are mor acclimated to the cold or get ten feet of snow a year would scough at me. All I have to say is, you try standing out in 20 degree weather with wind blowing when your dog is trying to find a place to take a crap.

I spent today reading 200 pages of this book I've been going through for a while. The trouble with this book was that I was editing it for scanning errors and also moving footnotes into the text. It wasn't as simple as copying and pasting, so it took me maybe two weeks to get the thing into acceptable bookshare submitting status. It's finished now, and was a good ook. It was another children's magical fantasy book. Why is it that I enjoy reading these Harry Potter-esque books now. I always liked them when I was a kid, but we didn't have classics like Harry Potter or Artemis Fowl back then, so I guess I'm coming into the Magic craze later on in life like so many others. Of course there was always The Hobbit and Lord Of the Rings, but not many books set in "present-day" settings with magic interlaced throughout. That's why I really like The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Strowd; I've finished the second book, and I can't wait for the third. It probably will come out at the end of the year though :(. At least I'll have Harry to busy me in June.

I also watched the Razorbacks win today, snapping their losing streak. It's Kentucky next Saturday, and sorry to those who read this from Kentucky, but I hope we kick some major a$$. Doubt it will happen though.

It's really weird but today actually feels like Sunday. I know it is Saturday, but I spent yesterday off, and logically it should be Sunday today, but no. I hope tomorrow doesn't feel like Monday, and Monday like Tuesday because then I probably will go more crazy than I already am. And I probably just confused you all even further. Strike the confusion though, I'm cutting the retroview (days before) so click if you want.

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At the moment, I really wish I had some more tasty coffee to make. Right now, I don't have any decent tasing stuff, but only have the oddly flavored coffee which really doesn't do it for me. This is one reason why I hate living over here in some ways. I can't hop over to the union for a nice mocha anytime I want. Sure I have the dining hall downstairs, and lots of space in my room, but it's not easy to get around by myself. Well, one sentence of bitching is enough for tonight. PErhaps I'll compromise and have some tea while I catch up on people's journals.

Editt: I forgot to mention, they did fix the proximity reader on the doors by the elevator. It took maintainance two weeks to act on my request, but university bureaucracy 3 months to flip the switch. It works ok, except for I'm having to figure out how to point the opener directly at the receiver as it's on the ceiling. The time that it takes to aim is much less than scanning your card in the card reader, swearing because it didn't open the door when you scanned your card, walking back over to the card reader and scanning abain, then pulling the door open. Now I just have to move my wrist until I hear the beep and wait for the door to open. Quite handy. End edit, 11:00 pm. 20 degrees with a wind chill.
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