January 26th, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

Phone Post:

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“Written in my usual turse style...

I have a bad cough and cold.
I displaced a rib, which sucks.
I went to class and went to get medicine, then went to work and was able to sleep through most of it.
I hope I start feeling better, that's for sure.
I'll be back.”

Transcribed by: controlg
Fiona and me in the snow

an update in the midst of the sickness

Man, I bet that entry from this morning was a bit on the weird side. Sorry about that. This afternoon, though I still feel absoltuely knackered (tired), I'm doing a bit better. I"m not coughing all the time, and considering the fact that I still have to take my cough medicine to keep my ribs from hurting, I think I'm starting to do better.

This whole thing started on Sunday. I don't know if I knew that I was about to come down with a cough, but I definitely did. Monday my ribs started to hurt with the tell-tale signs that I was going to separate one. I had enough energy to work on Sunday although I had no one to actually tutor. I had told John, one of the guys who I work with, that I would do a speech at a diveristy show that was going to be on Monday, and though I had totally forgotten that I told him I would do it, I went ahead and did it. I don't know how long I spoke, and honsatly, what I talked about, but yesterday, partially coherent as I was, I kept getting people who came up to me saying how good my speech was. The show itself went quite well with lots of different cultures and races represented. It was the first anual diversity conference, and from what I could tell, they did a good job of spotlighting the diversity we have here on campus. The only thing that was really weird happened when I got up on the stage and started doing my speech, only to find out thirty seconds into it that I was facing totally away from the audience. No one told me :).

Fifteen minutes after I finished my speech I sprung the rib, and the rest I've already talked about in the earlier phone post. So I won't bore you further and just say that this afternoon I've had enough information to get matlab installed so I can consider doing my ungraded assignment for advanced calculations I need to do for tomorrow. I had an alpha chi Sigma meeting I was supposed to go to today, but Neil told me to stay in, so I'll do that, and head downstairs to hopefully be able to enjoy steak night down in the dining center. I haen't been able to eat too much lately with the cough, (my stomqach' been find but throat's been very painful), so I'm hoping things taste good enough for me to be able to eat. Must feed the dog and then head downstairs; I'll write soon.