February 2nd, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

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It's snowing today. Right now it's light, but earlier this morning it apparently came down pretty hard because we've got two to even four inches in places. I really like snow, and I like it even more since I don't even have classes.

The cough continues, though it isn't as bad as it has been. I'm still taking cough medicine from time to time, but again, not as bad as it has been. I did go to the health center on Friday, and they couldn't see anything on my x-rays, so the doctor just gave me more pain/cough medicine, said suck it up, and sent me home to bed. I was disappointed, and I'm still pretty annoyed with the cough, but I'm getting better, so all of this Friday crappiness really doesn't matter. My ribs still move and grate on each other occasionally, but I think they're good enough so I can do some laundry this afternoon. At least I can cough now and not cringe in pain as I start my fits.

I didn't want to put anything int he subject line today because I just got an email from my advisor. Apparently, he got a form letter today that said that the people who we were trying to get funding from did not in fact fund me at all. THey didn't even give me a dollar. So I'm actually pretty sad about it.

The only real reason why I'm here is that I didn't think I would have to pay for my tuition at all. What's the point of me being here if that's not going to happen? I might as well sit at home doing nothing and not pay $3000 tuition pre semester, or try to get a job. I'm sure Beitle will tell me that he'll try to find funding, but ... I guess I shouldn't have kept up my hopes.

Definitely not cool. I'm sure that things will work themselves out but it's still hard to figure why some department at the University of California got $180000 to "advance business practices in chemistry". Whatever.

Not much else planned for today. I've got a bit more to do for my advanced calculations, project, and that's probably what I'm going to do. That, and continue to lay down and get better. Not sure what else to say. Just :(.
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