February 9th, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

adventures at the library

I ventured forth today to the public library by myself. It was fun and totally broke the monotony of no class. I had planned to write there using the wireless network, but there were these really cute three year olds who really were cute, and I wanted to listen to them, and even gt enough courage to talk to them. There Mom was so patient and answered all the "why is this" "what's that" etc. questions you always get when in the presence of an extremely cute and unpettable dog. Another kid happened by in the midst of all of that. His Dad made him come up to me and (scaaaaaary) ask me if he could pet my dog. I explained that he couldn't, but he was so cute and timid. I ended up picking up some books I had requested, and, getting some coffee at the library coffees hop (where I met the little kids). That library is amazing though. I know of no libraries close by where you can go and check out a book and read it at a coffee shop. Very cool and very forward looking for a town like Fayetteville. I used paratransit (a van service that takes you wherever you want to go if you have a disability), so it was good to get a bit of experience using that and getting out. That's the only thing that I do not like about living here at the quads, it's bloody difficult to get around and out for a guy like myself whose prone to break into a thousand pieces at any moment.

I've been tutoring as usual, going to classes as usual. Nothing *too* interesting in that regard. I did tutor someone in chemistry last night, and it made me feel good because she actually understood what was going on much more after talking to me. The only reason why I tutor is because I like helping people. The paycheck is just a neat afterthought.

On the funding front, I'm at least partially funded. Right now, I should be covered for tuition all throughout my graduate school. I'm funded as far as a stipend goes by the department for a while. We're working on another grant so I'll be able tpo do the internship and continue to get a stipend, but at least things are starting to turn around as far as that goes.

I don't have much planned today or tomorrow except for going to classes and getting work done. boring eh? I agree, but it's not boring enough to say. take on two or three classes and hanging out in a lab sixty hours a week. I don't much mind the free time :). Perhaps I should write more. Sooner rather than later.
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