March 4th, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

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I've been a bad livejournaler lately, not responding to comments, and I'm planning on doing that here in a bit. Hey, at least I wrote more than once a week right, or I guess I should say AM in the process of writing.

I'm back at the union and it's pretty busy over here. Apparently, there's a science fair somewhere upstairs and so there were lots of little kids who were very interested in Fiona. I was sitting here in the coffee shop, next to a girl who was a judge. I remember how scary those judges seemed to me when I was in a high school. THat girl was younger than me and just a college student. I wanna scare high schoolers some day hahahaha :).

Programming and bioengineering continues to be my life though I'm starting to get assignments to help write part of a grant that will go to the National Science Foundation. I'm really starting to realize how much academia likes money. I like money too, maybe I should be a professor.

I also didn't write about last time but I was slightly distracted and tired when I wrote, mostly caused by the really uncomfortable chairs I was sitting in. I scored some soft cushy chairs today, so ideas and reminders are flowing more easily now. Anyway, Beitle, my advisor has a new idea me for something I can write about / publish. Basically, I'm going to get to figure out how to solve this huge set of equations taht describes the metabolic processes of a dying heart cell. Why would you want to know how the heart cell lives and dies? I have no idea. I just get to code those equations and make the computer solve them. I suppose it *is* important to know how a heart cell dies because it's slightly fatal if heart cells actually die. It should be an interesting project and make me stand out more possibly for an employer. That is the main reason why I'm getting a masters degree in the first place; to have fun for more years in college, and more importantly to stand out as a viable employee.

I'm not planning on doing much today. It's another Friday a beginning to a four day weekend which I'm actually starting to get used to. I was planning on going to the public library again, but didn't get it scheduled, so that will have to wait until Monday. I'm helping to teach part of the chemistry merrit badge tomorrow for Scouting University, so I probably need to prepare for that. I have an easy part though, so that's always a bonus. Meer mortals even know what chemistry is, and that's what I get to talk about.

That's about it from here. Hope things are cool on the home front. ONe note though before I leave. If you're going to write me on messenger, why not say more than "hi" every time you write me. Man, some peopl make me wonder.

"person: Hi
me: Hi
person: How's it going.
Me: NOt bad.
person: Cool

I can pretty much predict the conversation. Try originality!!! Some people in this world!