March 7th, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

light rain my ass

I think the national weather service is absolutely on crack. I suppose it *could* be light raining right now, but about an hour ago, it was positively pouring and I was positively annoyed because Fiona was definitely taking five minutes to pick a spot to pee. It went something like this, sniff, shake, sniff sniff snif, shake shake shake, look at people, sniff sniff sniff, shake shake. And my situation went something like this. Rain rain rain, get wetter, drip drip drip, drippity drip drip drip drip, anger followed by relief five minutes later when she actually picks a place. Ah the merits of havinga guide dog.

This weekend's highlight was the fact that I caught about a billion bad hands in poker, folded about five really good hands because of aggressive betting, and subsequently lost money. At least I wasn't the first to go out. Gotta be positive. I did last a couple of hours.

Yesterday, Neil and I did my show on KXUA. The university's in the middle of doing this story in a magazine about me, and though I expected it at some point one of those weekends, Russel, my "personal" photographer, came by and snapped about forty photos while I was on the air. I felt like I was a president in a particularly good press conference as every time I went on air, he snapped away. Wait a minute, maybe it would be a bad press conference. Remember the time George was asked to talk about his mistakes? At least I talked during the whole thing. I think it went pretty well though. The photographer's pretty neat, and he's a Democrat too, which is a bonus.

As the show goes, it went well too. St. Patrick's day is happening in about two weeks, and because I play Irish music, you'd never notice, because I play the same stuff (ssdd) every weeek. I am looking forward to the fact that I'll be in L.A. on St. Patrick's Day with Larry. Perhaps we'll have to find neat things to do that night which include consuming relatively large quantities of tasty adult beverages. Perhaps we'll just have to find some live music to listen too. WHo knows.

Today's a work day for me. I need to finish up an assignment that's due tomorrow and try to finish off this exam from last semester. THe deal with that is that if I finish this class and get an A, I will graduate with honors (cum laude) which would be really cool. I'll have to see how I do and report back with my progress.

With that said, I need to go and do more "important" things, or something. Always remember, the only way to tackle life is to tackle your obstacles and make them disappear.
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Fiona and me in the snow

teaching chemistry

I totally forgot to mention the fact that I got to teach Boy Scouts part of the Chemistry Merit badge on Saturday. Besides teh fact that the boys had an affinity to wanting to "blow stuff up", and the fact that one of the tasks that was put on the schedule among the teaching tasks was the task to pick me up, it went well. I was supposed to get there with one of my friends, but her car wouldn't start, so I went with someone else who wasn't sure how I was going to get in his truck. This particular person was amazed that I (a) made it up into his high truck in two seconds and (b) I didn't die along the way to the lab where we were teaching. I got there just in the nick of time to get the introduction stuff taught. There were in my opinion some future chemists in the room. One seventh grader wanted to add Dr. Pepper and Capri Sun and see what the PH was. Apparently, the mixture's PH is 3 (he was way impressed that we could figure that out really quickly, and it "tastes awesome). I wouldn't try it at home though if I were you. Everyone seemed to respect the people who were teaching, especially since we got them qualified to get their merit badges. I wish that there wasn't such a big deal weighted to getting me there, but what can you do?

That's all, unless I forget something else.