May 10th, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow


I thought I would write tomorrow but it seems exceedingly harder to go to sleep than I thought it would be, so I supposed I would get up and write a quick entry.

I finished the first of my two finals today in advanced calculations. I really hope I made the 87.2% that I needed to pull an A because I worked too hard in that class for me to be happy with anything but an A. We had a total of 19 assignments in that class, most of which I liked, but the only ones that gave me problems were the ones where we had to write sentences about how we'd accomplish a certain job, derive things etc. The whole test was like that, and that's why I am worried. I think I did ok though, so we'll see when he grades it how well I do. Tomorrow's, or should I say today's exam is bioprocess and I doubt it will be a problem either, but that class has been difficult to review for because I can't read the pdf file the company who published the textbook sent me. Oh well, once that test is over I can get to work on graduation stuff and getting my room in order for me to leave.

I had lots of fun Thursday night at the party for tutors and the tutees we liked. Andy Lee, a guy myself and another grad student I work with, came and learned a lot there's a lot more about America that's not in a textbook. His English has improved leaps and bounds since the beginning of the year when he first came, and I'm sure we'll all miss him when he takes a trip back home on Saturday. I really didn't know many of the people who were there being that I work at the Northwest Quad and most of the tutors who were there worked at the ELC, but it wasn't too stressful as everyone was as nerdy if not more nerdy than I, so we all introduced ourselves and then had a blast. I'll miss everyone whose going on. Me, I'll probably be here forever.

Worked on Sunday with no "customers", but last week was pretty busy so the break was welcome. One day, I had someone for four hours with college algebra. Four hours of algebra, with a few breaks but with the same person, can wear you down. I still enjoy tutoring though, and that's what's not important. The check is nice, but if I didn't enjoy doing what I'm doing, I could spend my Sundays watching Desperate HOusewives (girly I know) rather than sitting most of the time waiting for people or tutoring desperate chemistry students. Desperate Housewives, Desperate Chemists, big difference there.

Neil and I did the last Celtic Kaleidoscope together on Saturday. We had way to much fun, probably talked too much and played too little music, but we enjoyed it, and since it was our last show together, we really didn't care. I just hope I can find a cool cohost again because though I love Celtic music, it's also nice to depart from it for a while and talk about something totally unrelated. I'm not sure I'll want to keep the time slot I have now because I really want a weekday slot, but that'll all decide itself soon enough.

Well that's about it from here. I'm not too tired yet, but I set my alarm to 8 in hopesw I can get off of my sleep until 9:30 or 10 schedule. It's not a schedule I like, because I tend to get a lot of work done in the wee hours of the morning if I can wake up and become alert in time. Sleeping until 10 just shoots your day in the buttocks. That said, curl up time is here. Dog's keeping my bed warm :).