June 4th, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

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I'm just sitting here, doing nothing of real importance, but continuing to test out the posting of entries using my PacMate. I'm using PocketWord now, not that it really matters to you all, but anyway, but it seems to act more usable then the FsEdit program. Time will tell.

Liz and I haven't been doing too much
of interest here. We prefer to spend our time sitting around, relaxing, or playing games on the PacMate. You'd think we'd figure something to do exciting, but truthfully there's not much here to do that is earthshatteringly exciting, and Liz doesn't have any ideas on what she she might want to do, so without any complaints, we'll probably continue on. I hope I am a reasonable host.

My parents left today to go look at doors (we're continuing to plan out a major remodel of the house with wood flooring all over and a new front door). We may go with one of my friends, Neil, to the Travelers (our local minor league baseball team). We'll see how I'm feeling though, my hip has been hurting like a b*tch, at least last night and today, so it may not be too attractive for me to climb up and down bleachers. We shall see.

I meant to mention about my research and how that's going. Basically, it's not. My advisor wrote me the other day tell me that he was preparing a document about it, but hasn't apparently prepared it, so I again wait. I'm signed up for research hours, so all is good, I guess. I just feel guiltyab receiving payment for something I'm not doing yet. They say that my workload will increase, rest assured, but I still worry. I just realized that I worried a lot in my last entry. Why?

And that's about it from here. More soon.