June 13th, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

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Sitting here listening to the NBA finals, and thought that I ought to write a new entry. I think I've finally figured out how to get the space bar to work properly. There's something about how you press it. Too much in the middle, and you get no action, but hit it just right, and you're golden.Liz left yesterday. We ended up having a good time the whole time she was there, but I still wish we could have done more than we did rather than just sitting around doing nothing all day but reading and hanging out. Since my Mom was working most of the time that she was here, it was difficult to do much else. It was awesome to have her here, especially since we got to play with all of my new technology. It's always a bonus when the person you are with has a clue about what you have. More importantly, it was just nice to be with her.We haven't done too much more planning so that we can go to Arizona on Monday. There's really not much planning we can do. It'll be cool to get there to see the fam, even if the weather won't be cool. Apparently, after a short cool spell, it's supposed to get well in the hundreds this week and stay that way. Yuck!!!Not much else is going on. I'm apparently speaking for the Jacksonville Lions' Club on Wednesday, and having lunch with some people we know from church on Thursday, so before leaving for the desert, my schedule is actually theoretically slightly packed. Also planning on continually scanning books when I get them from the library, and mimportantly, I get to actually legally listen to acricket match Directtv wanted to charge me $125 for. Apparently, being able to see the video is much more important and costly than listening to BBC commentary. Have fun guys, more soon.