June 14th, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

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Before the guys come to put in the wood floor for day number 2, I thought I would write. Though I'm sure the tools of today save time, they being hard wood working tools, are ex freaking tremely loud.

The flooring is aluminum oxide finished Brazillian cherry wood, and I'm not sure how it looks but it sure feels high class underfoot, under the bare foot that is. They've finished the formal dining room as of now, and I think today they're going to move on to doing the living room. That room is a pretty big room, so I wonder if they'll finish today. As I said they've got some pretty cool and loud tools, one of which is a staple gun that shoots two inch long staples at an angle into the tongue and groove connection between the floor planks. According to Jeff the floor dude, it's much easier than hammering in each nail indivdually. According to me, I'm glad I'm not doing either.

I took Fiona to the vet yesterday to get her groomed and give her a bath. I also wanted them to look at a little lump I found next to her left ear. The vet called me back in the afternoon and told me that it looked like a little tumor type mass. It may not be serious, but after we go back from Arizona, and after I give her a ten day supply of antibiotics, if it's not gone or smaller by then, he'll have to take it off. It's about the size of a small pea or nut, so it shouldn't be a problem to remove, but it needs to be done so it won't become a problem.

In our paper on Sunday tehre was an article about a ladie living in Little Rock who is learning jazz piano from this guy in Chicago. The catch is that the lessons are completed totally over the phone. I've wanted to learn jazz piano chord structure and scales for the longest time, but haven't been able to find someone in Fayetteville to help me out. If I can organize the logistics, and he's willing to work with my blindy self :), this could be a neat deal. I'll give him a call today.

I also ahve to do lots of thank you notes for graduation checks and gifts. I didn't want anyone to send me anything, but I guess I did well, so people felt it necessary to send me $$. I'm not totally against this though, it means I'll be able to go to Arizona without a huge hbutt pain.

I'm putting together my last illustrious Student Advocate today as well. It's going to be short, and not too creative because I just want to get it done, but it'll get done, and that's the most important things. I'm just done with people who either don't read the newsletter, or don't write for me. It's going to take some major convincing to make me do it again next year.

And that's about it. Last week, I did go to a genetics appointment for a checkup about my calcitriol regiment. That seems to be going just fine. We also talked about a possible research topic I have had for a while regarding my bone disease. I have bones that lack an enzyme that breaks dead bone down. If I can control that gene, i.e. turn it on and off, then that may allow astronauts to not lose as much bone mass in microgravity. If I could turn it off permanently for me, that would be realy freakin cool. He thought the whole idea was cool, so I guess I'll run it by my advisor and see what he things. I have to start working with mice at first apparently. Poor mice!

Oh yeah, to wrap it up, I got to listen to cricket on the BBC yesterday. A match between Australia and England. Having lived in Aus for a year and a half, I naturally support the Aussies. It turns out that that wasn't the best thing to do yesterday. Damn poms!!!

More soon.