June 23rd, 2005

Fiona and me in the snow

last day in Strawberry

The last day here in Strawberry went quite welll, and was uneventful. We're leaving tomorrow for Flagstaff, the largest city in northern Arizona, to visit my Aunt's condo that she's been trying to get us to go to for ages. So to delay going to Phoenix for a day, and because we really do want to see (a) Flagstaff and (but) my Aunt's condo, we're going! We'll also get to see them (the family) again which will be real cool.

We had a bit of rain today which cooled things down amazingly at about four o'clock. The day wasn't hot at all, especially with the lack of community, bthe extra coolness was a plus. Yesterday it thundered a lot, but did not rain, but today at least it poured for about a minute and then stopped. Grandma says that's not a real rain, but I say any rain here is a good rain.

The big wildfires which are near Phoenix are continuing to be out of control, though the recent rain there will hopefully help. I've always said that people should never build there houses in natural desert (with tiner dry brush and cacti near their houses) and likewise, people shouldn't build a house in a huricane zone, but that will never happen, so as happens in huricanes, people's houses are getting destroyed, and century's old cactus are being burned. They all so "But it's a great view!" I say I'd rather not have to rebuild every couple of years due to random acts of God. At least this time, the fires were caused by lightning and not by some stupid idiot throwing out a cigarette butt.

Speaking of weather and natural elements. It's only in Arizona, in the desert, that the top news story is a thunderstorm. They need the rain, but top story? Guess that's our modern version of a rain dance?

We went to a local Mexican food place last night which was very good, especially so, because it was run completely by gringos :)dis

And that's about it from here in Strawberry. I've been really tired lately; jet lag still consumes me so I've been going to bed at like 7 P.M., so I'm pretty tired at the moment. Looking forward to my other Grxma's pancake breakfast tomorrow morning. More from Flagstaff soon. If you're just reading this entry, there's another one from yesterday which was postdated because you can only do so much with a dialup connection, so all I can do is queue the entries until I can get online and post, so the best way to read my journal is through my main journal page. I'm not a fan of cluttering up friends pages with old entries :)dis
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