Ner (djner) wrote,

annoyances, the activity, and adventures with a deep fat fryer

I got in ths morning and checked my mail expecting I would have some workto do from my advisor so I could get some things done before lunchtime. There was nothing. This project won't take too long, but it's just annoying because I now that I can get this stuff done quickly, and I'm held up by a stupid limitation. I do't like limitations; I like to be able to surmount all, and when I can't do something, it causes me great consternation. Oh well, all well be well soon, and te job prospect situation just got better.

Now that I have time :(, I suppose I'll write about the activity on Saturday and subsequent events. The Oak Ridge Express left with like six people crammed into Jessica's SUVm and made the hourish drive east into Morristown. We got there, and as is usual, the activity started late, ad people seemed to take a while to get there. Holly and her brother and sister came, so several of us hung out away from teh volleyball playing and whatever else crazy was going on, and talked. Much fun was had. Ten, Holly and I decided that we didn't want to partake of hot dogs roasted on an open fire, so we left and went to 'Charlie's. I've always thought the name of that restaurant was kind f hilarious, but not as the Mexican restaurant in Arizona called Carlos O'Brien's. The food was good, but the service was a bit slow, being a really busy Saturday. There is some argument as to when we got back, but I say we got back about two hours after we left, which gave us about two hours of the activity left. We sat at the bonfire for a while, and then Holly and her fam had to leave early, so I decided that I would go on the hayride. I had a better time than I expected thoughit was cold. It would have been so much better on that hayride if we'd had root beer, but alas, it was not to be.

I made fish on Sunday, or tried to. We tried frying it first, but then realized that there was too many bones in the stuff to fry, so we decided to relegate the fryer to frying french fries and the grill to grilling fish and chicken. I was the fry guy, and et me tell you, I made some fries. I got two big bags of fries, and as fas as I'd take the fries out of the fryer, they would be gone. I never thought a family could eat that many fries in an evening. The problem was that the chicken took a whileto cook, so I made fries throughout the waiting time, so people would take a plateful and eat it and the come back for more. I've decided that no matter how unhealthy, it might be nicd to have a fryer some day. It would be entirely too convenient and easy (it was really easy), so I probably won't get one due to the fat factor, but it's a thought.

The fries went well, but I tried making cookies, and that was an absolute disaster. That's a completely different lon story, and I won't go into it here. I'll just say that it's not always a good idea to try to make cookies under high time constraints unless you're really sure that you can measure your ingredients quickly and in proper proportions.

That's about all that's going on now. More soon.

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