February 4th, 2006

Fiona and me in the snow

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Just listening to Danny Boy on XM, not helping my pensive mood, but it's at least calming. I just got back from a dinner that was held for Circle K, the local Kiwanis student chapter. I went with Larry, and as we did last year, we spent way too much on the silent auction. It was all to a good cause, especially since this year it supported Arkansas Childrens' Hospital, which I've spent inordinant amounts of time at. Got to talk to the lady in charge of fund raising for Arkansas Childrens' was cool and really liked hearing my story.

Going to church with a friend tomorrow morning which should be good. I haven't been to a church of any kind here in NWA this year, so it will be cool and hopefully will help me travel the question path into something of certainty, peace, and knowing. It will take time though.

It's cold tonight, in the upper twenties already. It may snow, allbeit a little bit tomorrow afternoon and evening, so it's definitely welcome that it feels much more like winter than it has in the past.

Well time for bed, here's hoping for whatever is to come.
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