February 16th, 2006

Fiona and me in the snow

The things we deal with

Time for another update for the masses. Today was long, very long, but was spiced up by the 30 degree temperature change that happened in an hour. I got up for my eight o'clock class, went to it, came back to talk trash at the front desk (something that truly makes the day complete), and finally left again for meeting 1 (Alpha Chi sigma) and then quasi-meeting 2 (Ham Radio club lunch meeting) Note: Please forgive me for that last sentence, I'm sure for those of you who are gramatically inclined, it was painful. For those of you that the last sentence was painful for, I just wanted to share the pain of today. For the rest of you, carry on, everything is good in the world. After various meetings which, though long, were excessively dorky nerdy and strangely intellectually stimulating, I went to my polymers class. Today's topics included:
  • Solvent constants of various polymers

  • How long is a polymer chain

  • What Dr. S did in the war and why he joined it

  • Various philosophical musings on life and what us MEN should do to be successful

  • Grumblings on why a room change due to some science day for kids was necessary

  • Comments over the roar of pounding rain on what we'll think some day of his class and how we did polymers while listening to the rain pounding down.

  • And Much, Much, more!!!!!!

I really like that class, because he of the fact that he tries so hard to be organized but is (a) so easily distracted and derailed in thinking and (b) he WANTS to teach. He's actually teaching because he wants to; he's retired. In all seriousness, I admire that quality in someone, and if I ever become an old PHD in Chemical Engineering and also, and this is important, have actual stories to share, then I want to grow up to be like him, married, grown up, nerdy, and most importantly, I want to have plenty to complain about. Complaining seems to spice the class up and makes me want to pay attention even more in class to find something else to smile at in what he's saying. Of course, I have stories now, many of which are contained in this longjournal, but they all involve short trips to and from hospitals, crazy nurses that don't listen to you, scars breaks and bruises (Oh yes, there are many of those), and finally, boring school stories. These wouldn't impress a class, so I'll probably refrain from telling these stories, unless I'm feeling adventurous, bored, or cruel, at which time, I'll tell them the many unnatural angles my leg's been in in past times, recounting each surgery in excruciating detail. No, not yet, maybe I'm just getting started, but I am sure to have some cool ones to tell to later generations.

After Polymers, we went to a talk about biosensors, which was good, but dragged on a while. I actually felt bad, but I had to leave in the middle of Q&A which wasn't totally uncalled for, but I didn't want to walk back from Bell, so I tried to walk out as inconspicuously as possible. Of course, Fiona didn't make my leaving inconspicuously very easy, and she decided to first stretch, then stretch again, and then shake off twice all while I tried to get up and leave silently. Oh well, I love my Fiona, even though she's got issues. We all have issues for sure, myself especially.

It was 70 when I left. A windy 70, but 70 much the same. Now it's 37 with a windchill of 29. Go figure. I think nature's either confused or trying to play a cruel joke on us. Maybe it's trying to tell us something more serious, I don't know.

The past weeks hasn't been that eventful. I've been enjoying hanging out with friends, reading, studying, and of course going to classes and getting throughly confused over differential equations that seem to go on for miles. Valentine's Day was good, and for once didn't pass in dark and dreary hughes. It was one of the first times that I've not been disgusted by the sight or mention of the heart, but more enjoyed giving to people, only if it was to know that simple things put smiles on people's faces. I've enjoyed accepting facts, considering options, and mostly, thinking of where I'm going, where I was, andwhere I will be. Singularity is bliss.

I was planning to go home this weekend with one of my friends, but since Little Rock's forecasting a quarter inch of ice tomorrow night and another the next day, it probably wouldn't be a good idea. We're spposed to get 2 to 3 inches of snow/sleet and more the next couple of days. Who knows. I really wanted to go home to play my piano though, the one here in the Quad seems to be still broken with one common note completely out of tune and an A in the upper octaves that doesn't play. So I've been walking ten minutes over to the music building to play their pianos. I couldn't figure out why people kept coming in on the lessons I was having until Monday, at which time I realized that the lights had been off when I came into the room. Could have fooled me. I also went into a practice room on Wednesday (the third door on the left) only to find a piano that plays pretty beautifully, but has an A, also in the higher registers, that plays like there's a metal bar or bell inside the piano. Sounds like you're playing one of those really weird keyboards that adds sound effects. I had fun playing the bell to spooky riffs, reminding me of bad horror film's sound tracks. Must remember to go back there and figure out just why the piano makes that kind of noise. Could there be a wrench in the workings? Is there a xylophone piece in there? Is there a whild animal that's crying for help every time I strike that A? What could it be? Let me know what your thoughts are on this interesting sound. If I get a chance, I'll record it and let you hear just how crazy it sounds. For now though, just picture a gong mixed with piano note. If anyone knows what Gamelon music sounds like ... let your imagination run with it.

That's about all. Sitting here in teh tutoring room in solitude. Again, there's no one here to relieve me; it's been that way since the start of the semester. Hopefully there will not be an onslaught of people. Should give me plenty of time to reflect on the state of the world as it is now. Stay warm everyone and keep it real yo!