February 18th, 2006

Fiona and me in the snow

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ghrhrhrhrhrate, winter weather advisory has just been issued for tomorrow. Seems as if nature has ordered up a new coating of ice which will not go nicely on top of the 4 to 5 inch coating of snow that's covering the ground now. People have been trying to find various things to sled on all day and part of last night as it really came down heavily starting last night. I know of people who have taken trays from the cafeteria, trash can lids, and of course real sleds and inner tubes. Wel Mart is officially out of sleds of all kinds in this area, Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, .... you name it they don't have it, so I guess cardboard or other special sledlike material is the best/only remedy for those who are sled inclined. I feel sorry for those crazy souls who walked the mile in the snow uphill both ways to get to Wal Mart, only to find out that there were no sleds. Anyway, I don't feel like taking the short trip via helicopter to Little Rock anytime soon so will be content to throw snowballs at people and make snow angels and that's all. Last night when it was snowing, I went outside and brought in a snowball to show John who was working at the desk that you could actually make a snowball. I threw it indoors, and Fiona had great fun thinking it was a toy. She promptly ate my snowball.

It's so cold adn icy outside tha when going out of the glass doors in the quad, it's necessary to literally break your way out and past the ice fragments and small snow drifts that iave accumulated in front of the doors. The RD salted in front of the door, but there's only so much the freezing point of water can be lowered using salt, and now, being 16 with forecasts of 7 degrees tonight, it's too cold for the salt to have had any effect. IT has to be over 20 to melt stuff away, so now, I have to walk outside only sing my ice cleets that I strap on my feet. Without them, I slide around dangerously, but with them, I could scale a 45 degree angled hill of ice I think. NIfty and safe let me tell you.

I've been taking naps after dinner for some reason, making it impossible o do what I've said I'd do until it's just too late. Perhaps I'll be able to go to bed earlier than 4 A.M. which is what I did today. The things you'll do to keep a friend awake at the front des in the wee hours of the morning. Too bad it was filled mostly with a heated discussion with one of our friends. At least it kept me awake the whole time, or most of it I should say. I nodded off about twenty minutes before four.

So that's all she wrote from Iceville tonight. I won't be driving anywhere tomorrow. Second thought, I won't probably walk anywhere outside except for when I have to take Fiona out. Gotta love the snow, especially when no one ploughs it. So don't give me "you guys only have four inches and your complaining" comments because four inches unploughed can screw people up at any latitude. Its the other drivers I'd be worrying about, not me, IF I were to drivesay to Wal Mart for instance. Alas, that won't be happeing.
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