August 13th, 2006

Fiona and me in the snow

a random act of kindness

5:30 pm
Well, it's another lazy Sunday here and I'm listening to tasty music to keep myself occupied. I need to get this paper edited completely today, and that's for sure.

I did want to write about something that happened to me today as I waited for someone to pick me up to go to church. I've never been a recipient of random acts of kindness; I've heard of their existence, and I think they are good, but trust me, when one happens to you, it could throw you for a loop like it did me. I generally wait at the end of a wheelchair ramp near a bus stop so that my friends can pick me p easily. As I was getting to my designated spot, I heard a guy in a diesel truck kind of thing pull over and he got out. He said, "Hey, can I give you something?" I told him no, that'd be ok. he said "It's only a little money I want to give you." I said, "No, I don't need any money, I'm fine thanks." We went back and forth about this several times, until I gave in completely, and took his money. Apparently, he was ipressed by the lord to give it to me. I don't even know how much it is, and I don't plan to spend it on myself or as he said "Give it to someone whose good". I understand what he was saying about feeling impressed to give it to me; if he was tely feeling a impression that he should give it to me, then he should have done it. I'm not sure that I'd give money to a random person in a tie, dress shirt and pants, and with a dog if I felt an impression to do it from a feeling from the Holy Spirit or whatever you believe it is, but I know that it's important to foloow those promptings. Now I just have to decide what I'll do with the money and who I'll give it to. I just hope the guy didn't give it to me because I am blind, now that would be weird. The only thing I know is that it was really nice to be a recipient of a random act of kindness; now it's my job to commit one of my own.

--- continued

I had a friend over today and we got to meet the new room mate in depth. Oh yeah, I have a new room mate now, named Bodie. Seems to be a pretty nice guy, very very country, but a nice guy all the same. Anyway, I was telling those guys about the whole random acts of kindness thing, and my friend Remington asked me how much money he gave me. I said, "Let's see," and pulled out the bill. I was thinking it was a $20 bill. It turned out to be a $100. We even checked to see if it was a real bill. I still don't know what to think of it, even more so since I don't even know who the guy is to thank him, and especially since I have no idea how I'm going to spend or give away this money. Oh well, I think I was blessed for going to church. It was also a nice ending to an extremely tough day.
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