March 19th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

there's a first for everything, and everything starts with raw fish

My friend John did in fact make it here to Fayetteville, adn we've been having a good time hanging out and catching up. Our particularly favorite activity is to analyze absolutely everything. If it's analyzable, if we can pick it apart, and even if it can't be picked apart, we're your guys to do such things. We especially like to analyze, and in most cases, overanalyze social issues.

We went to lunch at A Taste of Thai with our friend Rachel, who works with me in my research group. Rachel had to do some work, so we came back here and attempted to figure out what was going on in Final Destination which was on USA network for some odd reason. The movie seems to have a pretty neat premise, but it's pretty confusing for a meer movie grasshopper as myself. We then went to RZ's, something that's pretty special for me, especially since I haven't been there in maybe nine months. I stopped going because they didn't ahve very good flavors for Itallian Sodas, and since I don't drink coffee anymore, that's about the only thing that's worth it for me tehre at that place. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had several flavors for italian sodas including cherry, so perhaps I'll have to brave the smell of coffee, and frequent the place more often.

To this point, the reader might wonder why I mentioned raw fish? Rachel loves sushi, and I'd never had it before, so we decided that we'd go, and I decided I would indeed take the plunge and try Sushi for the first time. It's was pretty amazing.
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We're planning on going tomorrow morning to a dentist in Fayetteville that Rachel uses to ahve my tooth and gum looked it. It still really hurts, and I can totally tell that the gum is totally stripped back, so the root of my tooth is completely exposed. That's why it probably hurts every two point three seconds and also why I've used probably half a tube of Oragel now. I'll be looking forward to havng the doctor look at it.

We don't know what else we're planning to do, but hopefully it will be fun. I'm going to help the sisters do a lesson tomorrow afternoon, and then tomorrow evening we'll be doing as much home teaching as we can before I leave for Arizona. For those who don't know, home teaching is a way that people in my church reach out to the congregation. All male members have lists of people that they're supposed to contact and set up appointments to meet with them every month. We usually share a short message with them, and most importantly, talk to them just about how they're doing. I really like home teaching because it's fun, and allows me to get to know more people better.

Before I go.
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And that is about it. I don't know if this is the longest entry I've ever written, I doubt it, but it sure should rank up there. Let us all reemember those who have died for country and for Iraq's sake on this fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq. I don't agree with the war in principle, but I definitely support the troops, and think and pray often for those who have lost family members for the cause, no matter how errant I might think it to be now.
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