March 28th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

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Well, as the location field proclaims, I have in fact made it back to Fayetteville, and, yes, it in fact still exists as I left it. I'm glad to be back, and am hoping that I can finish this entry in relatively good time as I probably should get to bed. My body tells me it's still 9, so 'm having an odd time with it.

I'm listening to some tracks my cousin burnt for me to check out. It seems as if it's got a hip hop beat with a classical feel. Initial impressions are taht it kind of reminds me of Philip Glass with a hip hop R&B feel, which is odd yet oddly intriguing. Must write him and tell him I'm enjoying this stuff, especially with the full orchestral samples.

Woke up this morning to 27 degrees and a fresh dusting of snow. Of course by the time we left it had all gone or was in the process of melting, but it was pretty cool in more ways than one. I was talking to Grandma before I went to bed last night, and told her that if it got cold enough, it might turn to snow, and amazingly, it did.

Neat, accorion with violin and cello. Sorry, I'm into track 3 now, and am enjoying it. Hey this is a journal of randomness, I can do this kind of thing. Mmmmmm, marimba! Tasty.

Anyway, Jean Bean came to pick us up, and we left about 9:15 from Strawberry and were at PHX by 11:30, giving us plenty of time to get to the gate. They let Grandma and Jean both come with me to help me to the gate. We really didn't bend the rules, it was actually nice to have them both there to help get Fiona and myself through the screening process more quickly and efficiently.

Flight left on time, and we did in fact get to the gate in one piece and without getting anyone arrested. We weren't too sure as Grandma's knee set the thing off. Too bad we weren't in terminal 4. There, you get to go through the new and improved x-ray machine where they make sure you haven't stowed anything explosive other than methane in your lower intestine or on your spleene. We ate lunch at the only place we could in terminal 2 (we had relatively normal tasting yet expensive sandwiches), and then I left.

Nothing eventful happened on the flights. I sat by a lady from Phoenix o Houston who was going to Amsterdam for the second time in a month from Phoenix and was going back in a couple of weeks. From Houston to Fayettevlle I sat by a mechanical engineer who worked for a consultant company. He told me lots of things about teh consultant world of engineering, which I'm sure I'll be able to use, especially since I'm interning at a consultancy company. Got his business card, so I will most likely send him a resume and see if he can send it along to some people.

I said that I didn't have anything eventful happen ON my flighg (all capitals, bolded, italicized). Collapse )

My friends Britany and Krissy picked me up at the airport, and we went down to Braum's and had tasty ice cream and talked about random things. I am grateful to have such nice friends that don't mind wasting time with me. I threatened them with learning cribbage, and they said "good luck". Good luck? Come on, it's not as bad as bridge! Talk about a complicated game, Bridge is fun but REALLY complicated. Cribbage is a walk in the park. And I won't even start with chess chessdude, that's a complicated game too, trust me on that one. I didn't mention it at first because it's not a card game.

I'm Going to the periodontist (gum dentist) about my screwed up gum. It's not hurting as much any more, but I need to get it fixed. I also want to talk to him about getting implants put in where I don't have teeth on the lower right of my jaw. Should be a fun-filled day where I try to do that, and do research. Sorry for long entries lately. Trust me, I'm usually not doing anything that requires a lot of writing, but I wanted to end talking about my trip with a bang, what can I say.

I may also go to the jeweler to see what will be involved in sizing Grandpa's black hills gold ring that Grandma wanted me to have so I can wear it on special occasions and when I want to think about him. Will write tomorrow, I read an inspirational story I want to post, but I need to get to bed, and soon. Got to get up earlyish, especially on Mountain standard time, 7:30 central, 5:30 AM Mountain).
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