April 5th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

snow? More coolness, and inspiration.

My room mate Joel asked me if I was wearing my Christmas Pajamas because of the weather outside. I told him about the tradition our family has at Christmas where we all wear identical pairs of pajama pants, and that as far as I can tell, since I can't see what's on the pjs, I can wear them all year round by jeemeny.

In reference to the weather outside, highs were in the 50s today (I definitely was grateful to have a sweatshirt on), and when I got back here, I was amazed to find out that snow was forecasted. It snowed from about 8:30 pm to about now (it's coming down very lightly outside now). It's accumulated probably about a half an inch on grass and dirt, so no problems with the roads thank goodness, but it's definitely a late snow, even for this area. I can only imagine how it looks outside, and it was 80 a couple of days ago. Arkansas, what freakiness.

I went to the weekly ham radio lunch at the union today, mostly so that I could get a new ARCUA t-shirt (I thought my shirt was too small, it wasn't), but I definitely enjoyed talking with people there. We do talk about amateur radio, but topics usually stray to politics, sports, politics in sports, or other crazy things.

After lunch, we did a lot more figuring on the pieces I'll need to build chemical plants. We're trying to come up with a system that makes it so I don't have to use double sided tape to lay the plant out. Hopefully our ideas will work out, but we still have to "print" out the design and see if it actually will help to keep things "stuck" on the design surface. I'm being sketchy here mostly because we may be able to patent our ideas (the university has the final say on it though). If this works, it will be ultra neat.

We should have the tiles as we're calling them, done by Tuesday so we can run the laser cutter on the plexiglass, and then run it through the computer controlled cutter. I got to see some of the stuff that the router drill can do, and it's amazing how intricate it can be and how talented those architecture students are with CAD. They asked me if I could help them make their architecture name tags and room signs usable with braille for blind people, and we brainstormed on some ideas of how braille could be produced using the computer controlled tools that they have. It's all very cool stuff, and makes me want to keep learning.

On that same topic, I'm considering more and more the PHD thing, but I still think I need to keep my options and my mind open to whatever may come. I will most likely leave about the end of next week or on the weekend from this room, and then we'll probably head to Oak Ridge a day or two after that. I'm at a crossroads in life now, and I'm not exactly sure what I will do, but I'm going to keep praying about it.

This evening, I went to the annual founders day banquet for Alpha Chi Sigma, the chemistry professional fraternity I'm in. The food was good, and I enjoyed talking to the people who were there. One hilarious thing that happened was that in all of the programs, invitations, and even in a letter that was sent to us from our national office, it talked about our 78th anniversary of being a chapter. We were founded in 1928, 79 years ago. Col. Myers talked about how he'd figured it all out while laying in bed a couple of days ago. It was too late by then, so we all laughed every time he mentioned the 78th anniversary in all of these really official documents.

That's about all from here. Tomorrow, I plan on sleeping in a bit, and then Britany, in an effort to get me to eat lots before my procedure, is going to take me off campus to get KFC or something, anything that I'll eat lots of. Then I'm meeting Elder and Sister Smith at the institute building, and we'll go from there. I talked with someone who'd had this done before, and she describes the pain on the roof of your mouth like a really really bad hot pizza burn. She says that the gums don't hurt as much as where they take the tissue from. Whatever the sensation will be like, I'm not looking forward to it, and will be looking forward to taking the happy pills and antibiotics before the surgery. I'll have to try to do a voicepost on the way to see if I sound better, but after, I probably won't talk too much, so you'll have to deal with writing.

Before I go, something inspirational my Aunt Barb sent me was really cool so I'll share it here. Reflect and enjoy.

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