April 9th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

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For some reason today, my face is pretty painful. put some ice on it last night without much result, and when I got up this morning my whole chin was pretty painful. It's not a 10 o0 pain, but it's annoying enough that after this entry, I'm going to lie down and put more ice on the thing. I apparently look like I was punched in the face as my whole chin is black and blue. It used to be red, and now it's turning to one mean looking bruise.

I have several comments and questions to answer, and I [romise that when I'm feeling up to it, probably this afternoon, I'll write back. I did want to write a quick one though to say that I haven't forgotten to answer.

I had jazz piano this morning and it went well. I've started to learn how to play songs in different keys and do it accurately. For some reason, I had some kind of disconnect and didn't realize that the melody most of the time is part of the chord you're playing, so though it seems I've taken a step backwards, I'm actually being able to play things more accurately and I feel more confident that I can play a song in a flat if I wanted to; (like I wold want to anyway, but I could do it now).

I've taken two pain pills now, so I think I'll lie down. I called my advisor today and he didn't answer so I just headed back to the quad after the classes I had at church. All I can say now is ouch, and I hope the hydrocodone does its thing.
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Fiona and me in the snow

a change

I'm feeling a bit better now, but that's probably because I'm still under the effects of the pain meds.

I got a call from my advisor this afternoon, and he said that there were some changes we needed to talk about. Apparently, the person I'm interning with, a guy named Hop (thats his nickname, but he refuses to answer to anything else but Hop), won't e able to get me started until the 14th of May. This means that there's really no point in me going to Oak Ridge next Tuesday if he's not going to even be in town. I'm somewhat excited because I won't have to leave my friends, and other possibilities in the way of dating :P, but I have several phone calls tomorrow, one of which will be to the periodontist. He forgot to put in dissolvable stitches but put normal sutures in. So he was going to have to call someone near Oak Ridge and see if they could take them out. Not a problem anymore as it appears as if I'll be in Fayetteville for a while longer, at least until May.

I better go now as I need to take Fiona out before I go up stairs and help make macaroni and cheese with Britany and Denise. Denise just had a colonoscopy and we said we'd have something tasty for her to eat after having lots of clear liquids yesterday.

One thing though. I HAVE PLANS THIS WEEK AND THEY'RE ACTUALLY SOLIDLY SET THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!! Very Very Cool! More soon. POh yeah, the Razorbacks have another new basketball coach now. We'l see if he stays for over 26 hours, the amount of time the last one stayed.
Fiona and me in the snow

scarface pictures and dirty jobs

My face is hurting again, so I've had to take more pain meds. Since I'm staying here for a while, I'm going to call the periodontist and set up an appointment to get the stitches out and tell him about the pain. I'm afraid I'm going to run out of meds before the pain gets better. I don't want to get addicted or have people think I'm addicted, but I'm afraid that 'm going to run out. One pill isn't doing it for me.

On that subject, Britany took pictures of my face complete with bruises. Denise says that my bruise looks like a tornado. Joel, my roommate says it looks like I ate blackberry cobbler blindfolded. Either that, or I forgot to wipe my face.

You be the judge. Sighted people, what does it look like to you? Thanks to Britany for making these reasonably small so I don't have to have lj resize them for me. I love scrapbook :).

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I'm watching Dirty Jobs on Discovery and I really love that show. Some think it's really gross, but they've done so many gross jobs that they're actually doing direty jbs that aren't that gross. Right now they're pouring concrete and stamping it into various shapes. They're apparently going to clean up penguin crap later on in the episode and that'll be neat.

Need to go to bed and make face feel better. Note to those reading and to myself if I read this ten years down the road, never get gum grafting surgery unless you really really have to. It's PAINFUL!