April 18th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

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I could only take about an hour at a time of CNN today, so, most of the day, I was either in Bell or had the news turned off. I think it's really neat that they're telling the stories of the heroes who saved lives, who are both dead and alive. It's also nice, as we find out more about the gunman and his motives, to know a little about each of the students that died, Everyone has a story. Too bad we've found out these students stories at a premature end to their lives.

On to more happy details about my story. I spent my afternoon at Bell working on trying to get Chemcad working with Jaws. The inlet and outlet sounds aren't firing, so at the moment, I don't know, in my laying out of chemical plants, whether or not I'm over an inlet or an outlet on the various unit op. I was hoping to get more done than I did toady. I was hoping that I could actually design, but ... This is the problem with research; it comes in drips and drabs, and sometimes it comes in avalanches.

Went to Institute tonight, and enjoyed it. Afterwords, we went to Chillis, and I got an awesome blossom. It wasn't the greatest I'd had before. For some odd reason, the onion wasn't cooked all the way through. I don't like eating raw onions, and raw onions covered in a pasty substance really can ruin your day. At ;east the front half of the onion was tasty, and it supplemented my meager and boring dining hall meal. Too bad it was $15 for an onion that's fried. At least the company was good, and that's why I went. We came all the way back to Fayetteville, only to find out that I'd forgotten my Pac Mate (my braille computer) at Chillis, so the person who took me offered to go back and get it. I have great friends.

And that's about it. I'm tired, and somewhat distracted watching The Deadliest Catch, so maybe tomorrow, I'll write earlier, and my comments and entries will be more coherent. So rmahorney maybe I'll be ready to discuss tomorrow. We'll never completely agree probably :), but I enjoy discussing. More soon.