April 29th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

today, and the documentary The Mormons

The air conditin is on right now, and I'm extremely tired, so this won't be long, I swear. I am tired, mostly because at 4:00 or so, my room mates got up to go to their bass fishing tournament (They are in the University of Arkansas Bass Fishing Team), and they woke me up and for some odd reason, I couldn't get to sleep until 7. Got up to go to church, and was absolutely dragging all the way through ward conference. I actually took notes mostly to keep awake. I asked the person next to me to hit me if I fell asleep, but she also had a rough evening, so we were both pretty much dead. Conference was pretty good, we've definitely got some leaders in this area that are hilarious, so it really wasn't a huge deal to stay awake, and I have found more things that I need to work on and also found things that I'm doing well with. This is the point of these conferences, so that's a good thing that I at least got that organized. And that sentence made no sense, dang, I'm tired.

So basically, I didn't get a nap which I had wanted to get in the afternoon, mostly because I talked with another of my friends in the dining room, and then an hour later I got home taught (at the very last moment I might add). Since home teaching is done monthly, lots of people seem to do it at the last minute i.e. either the Sunday before the last day of the month or on the last day of the month. That's ok, I did home teaching today, and I'm not sad about it :P.

I went to the Catholic church on campus's Mass on the Grass this afternoon, and it was really nice. It seemed very peaceful, and was made more neat by all of the neat bird churping we heard all through the singing, and praying, and kneeling, and sitting, and kneeling, and sitting and standing, and ... Fun times. It was definitely unique to go to mass outside, I'd do it again if asked. I wish we could hold church outside sometimes. That'd be cool.

As I said, I went and did some home teaching after the mass, and it has been good. Remingtona nd I like to think we've helped this person out a lot, so we like teaching her.

Came back, and Britany Denise et al made those sandwiches I talked about. Here's the recipe. They were pretty good.
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It's a vegetarian sandwich, but it was really surprisingly tasty, and pretty easy to make. I came back halfway through the making process, but it seemed like it'd probably be pretty easy.

And then I came back and started writing this. I think I need to go to bed though. Oh yeah, if you're curious about Mormons and why we do things, and also about the history of the whole thing, there's going to be a documentary on PBS on American Experience, called The Mormons. It's four hours, so will be split between two days, and it seems that they really made an effort to be accurate and objective about the whole thing. I don't have the exact web site of it, wait, here it is http://www.pbs.org/mormons/. It's on at 8 local here tomorrow night and Tuesday, and I think it should be on at the same time everywhere else, but a check of tv guide might help. American Experience documentaries are always good if you like history, so I'd highly recommend it if you don't have anything to watch and/or you're a nerdy person and/or you want to find out more of how the religion was formed and continues to grow. That's all from here.