May 10th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

what color is your picnick parachute/massive rain umbrella, and the clock room

This entry won't be hugely coherent, as I've only had about five hours of sleep last night, and I'm still awake because I did some packing. I successfully pulled off a picknick today, and it was really fun. I'm only now just getting hungry. I'll put more details about it here tomorrow, but I'm noticing that I'm really not able to put words down like I'd like to and describe it. I will say that the weather was great during the picknick, but when it did start to pour, we were extremely glad we had a water resistant picknick blanket that one of my friends let me borrow. We probably looked like total idiots, and she couldnt' see with it in her face (a good combination), but it kept the rain off, mostly, and implanted a memory that's not likely to leave us anytime soon. I wouldn't recommend trying the picnick blanket rain umbrella trick at home though. Any amount of wind with something that large tends to get away from you.

I've got lots of packing to do tomorrow, so may not have a lot of time to write, but I'll try. Going to look at a house tomorrow that I may rent as well. Should be a really busy day. That's all for now. I need sleep.

Edit: I forgot to write about going to the Old Main clock room. We went around the campus to see the "sights" and in taking her to the oldest building on our campus, my room mate told me I should check out the clock room. I didn't know this, but you can actually go into the clock tower and see and hear the inner workings of the clock that's on Old Main. I don't know how it looked, but it sure sounded huge and complicated ticking away to itself, and she thought it was pretty neat too. It was a nerdy thing to check out, but it was neat. I can imagine them ringing the bell every day during the 1870s and later to signify class changes; maybe they didn't do this but still ... t would be cool. You can actually see the bell that can be rung; I'd hate to be in the room when the time changes, or mabe I'd think it'd be cool. Who knows. Ok I'm done now, I just wanted to write about the clock room because it was sweet too.