May 14th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

case of the missing leash, packing time with reorganization, and the trip eastward

Well, everything's pretty ready to go. My Mom wanted to reorganize my stuff so that it would be easier to find, so now all of my stuff is in boxes that are all about uniform sizes, and they're all labelled. We've got one problem though, and that's the fact that we can't find where Fiona's leash has one to. Mom remembers picing it up when I got back from Fayetteville, but she doesn't know where she put it. We've checked everywhere, even including the refrigerator, and it's no where to be seen. I need some form of a leash, so I've got a really stupid leash which will work, I guess, if I wrap about a foot of it around my arm. I'll be calling The Seeing Eye first thing and see if they can overnight me a leash ASAP. I never realized how much I appreciated their leash design until I didn't have it. We'll do a search for the leash in the grass outside, but if it's not there, we're leaving bright and early for the trip into the eastern time zone and the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

Mapquest says that it should take 7 hours and 54 minutes, so it should be a fun filled trip with Dad. Luckily, Mom didn't make beans for us for dinner tonight, but opted for salad instead with the tasty chicken enchiladas she made.

That's all I can think of. Oh yeah, had a pretty good piano lesson today. He wants me to work on my totally lounged out Flinstones Theme, jazz style, because he thinks it's really neat, and also work on my walking baselines, so that should be hard, but good when I can completely figure them out. More when I get to the mansion, I mean, apartment, $1025 per month ????? What the ...