May 17th, 2007

Fiona and me in the snow

moving in, Oak Ridge Transit's lack of transit, setting up things, and eastern time zone annoyance

It's been crazy here with unpacking, hooking up the computer, and doing other crazy things, so that's why I haven't written right away. I'm currently in Oak Ridge at my apartment, and I'm pretty much unpacked.

On Tuesday, we left at about 10, later than I wished we might leave but that's ok. One thing that everyone should know about the great state of Tennessee is that it is in fact extremely long. It took us about two hours to get to Memphis, and with various traffic issues and stopping to use the bathroom etc., it took us about seven more hours, just to cross the state. Right outside of Oak Ridge (about 80 miles from town) everyone decided to hit their breaks. For about ten miles we crept along at about 10 miles per hour. Apparently there was a sign back about three miles from the construction site proclaiming that people should watch for construction. When we finally got up to the actual site, there were plenty of people there, but most of them were supervisors, and most of them were sitting around doing nothing. Dad only counted like two actual workers working. What a mess. I hope his trip is less eventful tomorrow and takes the proscribed seven hours and fifty-eight minutes (according to mapquest).

We got in late, so didn't get much done here, so Wednesday was the official unpacking day. We went through most of the boxes, and unpacked my suitcases. It was a stressful experience for both my Dad and I as we both had different ideas on where things needed to go and what things needed to be unpacked first. Moving definitely ranks up there with a death in the family so they say, and I CAN'T wait to do it again here in three months. Great fun!!!!

Today we set up things (got the computer working, hooked up my ham radio, etc.), so that was cool. I couldn't hear the Arkansas net (an amateur radio gathering) from here, so that was kind of annoying, but maybe we'll have to try some other band to talk to them, either that or do that uncool thing and use the phone.

I really hate updating entries for like two or three days because I seem to write much more scattered entries, so I'll have to do a better job of writing more regularly, because right now this entry's sucking.

I went into the internship for a bit today to listen to a seminar and get my office and the various equipment I'll need to do my job set up. The people there are really nice, and provided I can actually do my job and continue to learn, the work aspect of things should be successful and I hope to enjoy it.

It's the logistics of staying here that currently stress me out. I'm supposed to get from my apartment into work and back from work using the "public" transport system. I don't know how good this system is, and today really made me wonder how things are going to work. Oak Ridge Transit is supposed to be a service where you can call a day or so in advance (no disability required), and they will come and pick you up and take you wherever you need to go in the Oak Ridge city limits for $1.25 each way. This is a great idea in theory, but I am very concerned at this point how it's going to work. Why you ask? Wait for it ...

I called them all day, probably ten times, and got .... no one. Meaning that their office was completely unstaffed for scheduling. I hope this is an isolated case, but if that's how these peope work, it's not a good first impression.

I could take a taxi, and may have to do so tomorrw going home, but I absolutely don't want to take a cab to and from work fire days a week, especially that it's about seven miles one way to work from here. I called the other paratransitish/medical transport service today, and they told me that I could call and schedule rides withing three days in advance, and they just might (capitalized, bolded, italicized) be able to pick me up, if they could work me in.

Again, I'm not worried about the work or the internship, but I'm worried tat I won't be able to get around and that I'll be trapped out here. I've called the people from the local ward here, and they haven't gotten back to me, but I'm hopig that all will go ok and that this is just the initial issues of coming to a new place.

Before I go, I've decided that I really don't like eastern time. All of my life, I've been used to news at 10 and David Letterman at 10:30. Now it's an hour later. How do they expect people that work and have to get up early to watch these programs. What do you eastern time zone people do? How do you stay awake and still appear at work bright eyed and bushy tailed? And it's also tantalizingly annoying to be in the eastern time zone because central time is only like forty or fifty miles away. If only I could drive, I might be able to drive over there just to enjoy Letterman at a normal time.

I'll talk about the apartment and my job tomorrow, perhaps at the internship itself. We've got a staff meeting tomorrow, but until then, I doubt I'll have much to do. For now though, I need to get to bed. More soon, and here's hoping for a less frustrating and stressful day tomorrow even if I have to pay a billion dollars to procure a cab. Arg!

Edit: Forgot to mention, we found the leash. It was packed safely in a bag that my Mom says she looked in. Too bad I called Seeing Eye and ordered a leash a couple of hours previous.
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